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Students at 30

It’s absolutely amazing that after living in this camper, we are still learning things about it. And at 30 years old, we DON’T know everything. Honestly it has to make you laugh when something is brought to your attention even though it should have been common sense.  Well last night one of those instances came about. We, the hubs and I, felt so stupid but grateful at the same time.

lesson1Some back ground first. The air conditioner in an RV is ridiculously loud. So loud in fact that you can give up the idea of talking, listening to music or even talking to someone only feet away if it is on. However this we understood and became accustomed to it. In fact last year it became so hinder-some that we rigged the tv and camper radio speakers to make a make shift surround sound. It was the only way to hear the TV. It worked well and we were satisfied.

lesson2This year we had a friend over last night and wouldn’t you know he had something to teach us. (I know I couldn’t believe we had something to learn, But he sure did teach us.) I was cooking dinner and the guys were talking when the air came on and the talking stopped for the duration. That is when our friend said “Why haven’t y’all turned off the quick cool?” We both (hubs and I) whipped around and said together “what?” Thats when he reiterated “Yeah, that is the quick cool, if you flip this flap it redirects all the cool air to the rooms evenly instead of coming out of the main vent all the time and creating so much noise. The quick cool is only for when you park when its hot out and need to cool off the camper real quick.” He stopped his little story and looked at the dumbstruck looks on our faces. I started laughing and hubs told me to shut it.

The hubs flipped the flap and wouldn’t you know it, the noise level went down considerably as well as the boy’s room and our room cooling off more effectively. I for one felt like a damn moron. What kind of people go for over a year with that kind of noise believing its normal? US. We are those people. But I am now extremely happy with the learning experience and the knowledge we have gained during that embarrassing lesson.  We are smarter, happier if not also a bit humbled. Even at 30, we are just students in life.



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