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One book down, Two to go!

book1It’s so incredibly quiet around the camper. The mornings are no longer hectic, they arguments over toys are nowhere to be heard and I don’t even have coffee to enjoy. The world have become dimmer. I miss my boys. Its only been a couple of days but the weather here is NOT cooperating at all. Rainy, dreary and wet outside I can’t even go workout. It is really hindering me actually. There is only so much for me to do and I never realized that it all revolved around the boys. This is the empty nest syndrome isn’t it?

Finishing my book was supposed to take longer than a couple of days but I didn’t realize that  it was THAT close to being done. Of course there is still a bunch or editing and rewriting that can be done but dang. Finishing it is a huge milestone for me.

I have actually told my husband and friends this. Haha

Three years ago I came up with the concept and after much starting, stopping, research and thinking I have finished my first book. It’s as exhilarating as it is sad. I’m excited but also scared. It is very dark, very different and will not be for everyone I know this. But I do have hopes of publishing it either through a large publishing house or doing it myself. But there is still time for that.  Now I need to start a vision board for the second and third books and hopefully it won’t take as long, since I have a sense of where the story is going and I have fallen in love with the process. It truly makes me happy to sit at my computer wherever it may be, to watch the boys play or enjoying the weather. Weaving my own story and interacting with the characters is honestly a kind of crazy only other writers or readers will understand. My hope is that someday a reader will escape into my book and it holds their interest as so many books hold mine.


book4That’s another thing missing, a good book. I have not read (nor can I afford) a new book in a while. When the boys are here I don’t let myself read that often because I do tend to escape into the book and detach myself from the world around me till the book is done. It’s a problem and the hubs and I have had multiple discussions about it. I can read a book in about 8-10 hours with no distraction and that’s continual reading. So as you can imagine, that doesn’t go over well with active little boys. LOL, Maybe while they are gone I will try to find something to read, write or do. Its kinda hard right now to come up with something but once I get back to my routine, everything will become crystal clear.

Someday! I will use finger quotations!

My book has no name yet and I am not going to give you a description until, I have done the reading, rewriting and editing. After that I will sit down and write a description that gives the best possible layout. Until then wish me look and give me some feedback on self publishing. I’m a newbie here, so any information is good information.



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