The boys are gone. That is such a final statement. But thankfully it’s only 2 weeks. I’m not sure what to do and I feel a bit out-of-place. This will only last a couple of days. But the night before they left, my in-laws spent the night and I got stupid. We put the boys to bed and the hubs went to help set up fireworks so I was left alone and decided to be ridiculous.

independence2It started with rum and ended with gin. It was bad. I honestly don’t remember much right before fireworks. The hubs brought me home where I passed out around 11 p.m. The next morning when the boys got up to leave I hugged them, kissed them and cried because I would miss them ( I was also still drunk). Then went back to bed for several more hours. When I finally woke up, it was with a headache that could split a rock ledge and a nauseous feeling in my belly that made me want to throw up. It never happened. I suffered and for the entire day I was not feeling very good. You know what I mean, when your head hurts and your body is telling you that you did too much.

We met the hubs dad about an hour and a half away and ate some amazingly greasy delicious lunch. Culver’s is a butter burger place that also serves custard. OH YES! I took full advantage. When I am hung over, I always want something greasy and that is exactly what I wanted this time. No salad or lean meats here. It was full on double cheese burger, onion rings and Andy mint custard. Holy Crap it was awesome.

So apparently, I made a fool of myself. The hubs filled me in on the shenanigans while we were driving. First off, I apparently have developed a new language. Gibberish, Hubs said it was like decoding morse code.I was very animated her said but the reason was a mystery. I told you ridiculous. ¬†Secondly, I laid on the gravel and barely held myself up. He was trying to get me to vomit but since you don’t know me, you are unaware of the fact that I will fight that shit till the very end. I will take the nausea over up chucking any day of the week. Finally he got me home and for an unknown reason I can not remember, I was made at him for it. With hard liquor I become irrational. But doesn’t everyone?

independence1Ha its been such a long time since I drank any alcohol, that I forgot that I might not be able to tolerate as much as I used to. I made drink after drink and sucked it down so fast, it went straight to my head and quickly. Seeing double came naturally as if I do this every weekend. It will be a little longer still till I take part in alcohol drinks again. Or at least pounding and mixing as I did. Yeah right, while the boys are gone, I’m sure that I will act like a sorority girl at spring break. Who knows when I will be kidless again.

independence4With the boys gone, I plan to finish my book and continue on my Freelance work. Prayers this way if you please. I will also starting tomorrow, working out till I can’t anymore. It might be stupid but I have to stay busy.

independenceAlso please everyone remember The 4th of July is about Freedom. It was the independence of our nation.

Thank you to all servicemen past and present. You are why we have freedom. You are why we continue to have it.






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