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It’s almost July and summer hasn’t really started here in Missouri. And that is NOT a bad thing. It’s been wonderful. The could days have far outweighed the hot ones. No complaints from me though, I love it. The pool is open and the boys have been everyday, but do you know that, that pool is COLD. I really don’t like swimming yet. It’s almost painful getting in. The way my toes freeze on contact to the droplets of water that get splashed onto me. Even thinking of those beads of ice make me cringe. But despite all of that, we went swimming. The boys and I.  The boys are brave little souls, and like most kids just jump right in. Wouldn’t admit it was cold in their hair was turning to ice. Lips blue, goose bumps on the skin or even shivering can’t make them get out. I, however, can barely force myself that first dip in. They beg and plead and try talking me into it and I eventually oblige by just jumping in. It is defiantly a shock to the system, a good wake up call. The sun is what invites me to the pool. Its warm and comfy but like I said in an earlier post, it’s a trap. I burn too often (overtime I go out).

summer3The boys are doing wonderfully though in their swimming endeavors . They can swim without the arm floats. You know the ones. You blow them up and they go around a child’s arm in order to keep the head above water. Yeah those things. Well, they learned how to swim last year and did great but I’m being over protective about it. I don’t yet trust them to swim in the pool without them unless I am physically in the pool with them. Hopefully they gain the maturity that is needed when swimming without help. The boys are still young, so they have plenty of time.

This weekend promises to be entertaining. The campground we are at, has a whole Independence day planned. The fourth this year falls on an awkward day, Tuesday and everyone has to work, so it is being celebrated this weekend. A golf cart, bicycle, dog decorating competition/parade is planned for Saturday afternoon. A potluck full of pulled pork, and BBQ chicken and anything brought will follow the parade and of course fireworks that evening. It will be fun if it doesn’t rain. The probability changes hourly so you never know.

summer1We are also having Visitors (Mother-in-law and hubs step dad.) We are excited but sad. they are coming to visit to relieve us of the boys for two weeks. Which is exciting because I have not been without kids for the long since they were born and sad for the same reason. My boys are my world. I love them and often get lost being their mother. The break is much-needed and I plan to be ME again. I can do whatever I want, go workout at the gym in the morning instead of the afternoon because the boys won’t need to be watched.

summer2The boys will have a fantastic time. The grands all have spectacular things planned to entertain the littles. Lol. When I was a kid, I loved going to the grandparents house. It was an adventure and different from my house. I believe the boys think the same way. They love me, just as I love them but spending 24/7 with me is starting to get to them and me. I need adult time as much as I need my cuddle time with my babies, The next two weeks will be my adult time. I don’t know what I will do but it will be both exhilarating and unnerving. Wish me luck!

Hopefully Summer will only decide to arrive halfway while the boys are gone. I am really enjoying the cool temperatures at night and the warm temperatures during the day that don’t talk my breath away or drive me inside.

Fingers crossed!



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