Alright I have some things I want to get off my chest. It does not have anything to do with the family or my friends or even the freelance work which by the way is going wonderfully. It has to do with selling my house. This big pain in my ass has been a thorn in my side for the better part of a year. Today its boiled over and I can’t quite keep my opinion or thoughts to myself. This is BULLSHIT. The way people conduct themselves when buying a house is laughable and unrealistic. Mind you I am only referring to a small portion of people in general.

scammers  Since I put the house up for sale by owner I have had 7 people contact me about interest in the property. Would you believe that only 2 were serious? That mean only 28% of perspective buyers are actually serious about buying the house where as the other 62% are nosey and just want to see what you got. Two of the first people to contact me were complete scammers but for what gain is a mystery. They texted me saying they were interested and wanted to inform me they were going to the bank the following day and would get back in touch. scammers1Now first, It’s weird to be willing to buy a house without even seeing it first. Secondly, What do they wish to gain from telling me they are going to the bank? I don’t care where you go, as long as you do it appropriately. It’s very frustrating. I’m a naturally skeptic person so maybe I just didn’t respond the right way. Who knows?

Besides, I also listed the house on a Facebook group for the town it is in. That is the most annoying crap ever. I’m trying to get the house exposure in the hopes, that the more people who see it the more people who will like it. I have had a lot of comments and likes. Mostly people referring people to the sale page. Which is exactly what I want. What I don’t want is no progress. I had one guy today call, set up a showing only to message me two hours later and say “No Thanks, We’ve seen it before.”  Okay first off if you have seen it before then why ask to see it, only to call later and say never mind. Maybe a faulty memory?

frustrated2And lastly, I honestly think there should be a class in high school on how to buy a house and what your actual payment will be. Most people think that you take the price being asked for the house and divide it by the number of months (years) you will finance for. What they don’t tell you is you also have to add, Insurance, escrow and property tax. If you don’t have a down payment you have to pay an extra insurance until you have paid 10% of the note. So yeah, most people look for houses they think they can afford and after a reality check they come to the understanding that they can actually afford far less than they originally thought. In the meanwhile, here I am selling a house and having multiple unrealistic individuals go through my house thinking it’s too small, It’s not luxurious enough, it only has one bathroom. The last thing is actually what drives people away. I didn’t realize that, that could be a deal breaker faster than the square footage. My family did wonderfully in that house, we loved that house and compared to where we live now that place is a wonderland. But the buyer will never know that nor would they care. It comes down to the right person or family coming along and seeing the potential we did.

contentment1I read a passage in my devotional the other day that really made me think. It’s from Philippians 4:12 “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.”


This rang true for me. In every defining moment of my life I and my husband never starved. And we were poor living in Dallas and only having 50 for three people for two weeks of food and gas. But we had fun and learned a lot. Then when we had children we had our issues but again never starved and were happy. Learning as we went. And now as we continue to live in a camper. To some it may seem impossible to do long-term and even more so when you have small children. Granted we have had our challenges, I have lost my mind a couple of times. But without this part of our lives, I would never know the patience I now possess for the boys. I wouldn’t have been able to spend this much time day and night every day with my boys. Witnessing all their wonderful little personality traits develop. I also would never have found the time or the will power to become healthy again. To give my husband the inspiration to also get healthy all for ourselves and the boys. Without this trial, I wouldn’t have known how much I truly love my husband. Through the good and the bad I am still here and I still want our life no matter where we live. It’s not the house that makes the home its the people you make your home with.

contentment2I can honestly say I am trying pretty content in our lives right now. The boys are healthy and happy and so are we. We also have a bunch of people who support us in our endeavors. I love you all who have been there when I need to talk, or cry or just have a conversation that didn’t involve kids. I thank you for listening to my rambling or taking the boys just for a few minutes to give me a break. You all are amazing and I thank God for you.

Before you go to bed tonight, when you wake up tomorrow or just a spare thought in the next couple of days, send up a prayer for us to have someone buy our house or to help my family and I remain content in our situation. There are lessons in life we all must learn and this is probably the longest we have been in a learning period that I can think of. A year from now we probably won’t remeber the trying as much as the fun we had. Time will tell.




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