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Little boys

What is it with little boys and gross displays for attention? My boys are very into fart noises, fake poop and peeing on the floor. Though the last isn’t intention, it just happens to be something I am told little boys do. I’m seriously getting annoyed with going to the bathroom and see urine on the seat, blow the seat and on the floor. Keeping bleach spray next to the toilet is a must in my house. I honestly feel out number as well i should since its 3 to 1 if you include my husband.

littleboy fartsJust this morning the boys came running into my room and jumped on my bed and while I was giving them each a big they both said in unison “I farted on your hand.” All I could do is laugh and ask “What?” this is just one of a million occurrences that will happen today. Yesterday, I was running 400 meter sprints and they ran after me. When they finally caught up the first thing they say is “I have to pee.” How many times in the day do little boys normally pee? cause mine go somewhere between 20-30 times a day.  Or poo for that matter. I am going to assume my babies are normal with their bodily function do to the fact that they are regular.

littleboy farts1And one thing I particularly can’t stand is the poo checks. My oldest son who is 4 has been potty trained since he was a year and a half. He can wipe his own butt but he insists I “check” to see if he is clean. I can be eating and he stands in front of me, bend over so everything is on display. I lose my appetite and always tell him “I don’t have to see it bub.” and even after that little incident he ALWAYS, ALWAYS forgets to flush the potty. He will leave turds in the toilet to stink up the whole house because he says he wanted to show me. Haha I can laugh now because it annoys me so much when it happens. Hopefully soon he will grow out of it. I want to yell “I’m a female” at them but what good would that do? they don’t know what a female is. I’m mommy and to them, I need to see these things, no matter the insurance I give them otherwise.

Someday I am sure we will talk about it and laugh and I will miss the days where they need me so. When the innocence of childhood leaves them and I am left with fully capable men. I am proud of them now, and will be for the rest of my life. But why do I have to see their poo?


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