RV Life

Camper Maintenance

Camper maintenance is a must for any camper owner but for us its a way of life. Ours is a home and needs to be maintained well to make sure all the parts are in working order. Well today we had to replace the boards under the jacks with cinder blocks for a more stable foundation. As a whole the job isn’t that tedious but when you add in pissed off red wasps. Things get sketchy.

maintanenceMy husband woke up motivated this morning and since the weather has been so glorious and cool, he could not have picked a better day to re-level the camper. All you need is a level, a scissor jack wrench (I hope that’s the name) and a willingness to play with it till the level reads centered.  WE had to first remove the wood blocks that were originally there and then place the cinder blocks on all four jacks. after that was done we put air in all the tires then leveled the camper front to back, side to side. Its pretty remarkable the difference it makes in stability once it is redone. Before things would rattle and we had become used to it so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Now that it is fixed, nothing rattles or shakes.

Cinder blocks placed under the jacks helps with the stability of the camper as well as helps keep the camper from sinking into the ground if placed for a long time such as we are. With all the rain, the soil is having to resettle itself and that caused the boards to sink into the dirt to the point we had to dig them out.

RedWaspNestWhile we were placing cinder blocks in place, we encountered a very angry Red wasp nest, that had been made in the back bumper of our camper. If you don’t know what a Red Wasp is then you are a lucky individual. They are a nasty and mean insect that will come after you with a vengeance if they get pissed off. And in this case they were pissed cause we were in their territory and messing with it by moving the camper. So once we located where their home was my hubby had the bright idea to get duct tape and lysol. I ran in the house to retrieve it for him. We duct taped one end then lysoled the other and duct taped it shut. RedWasp_02I’m not sure why but Lysol kills them efficiently and fast. We didn’t have any wasp spray. You could hear how angry they were all day. The buzzing became a roar for a little bit before quieting down to silence. Hopefully they all died and will stay away. I don’t want the boys getting stung. They leave a really nasty hole where there stinger goes in and the area swells something awful.

The project for today is done but there is so much more that needs to be done. We hadn’t planned of being here this long but now that we don’t really know how long we will be here, I would like to feel at home inside as well as outside. One such preject,  a pretty patio that I can relax in, in the evening. Adding some flower pots, lights and some decorations is something we can do to accomplish that.  I will post pictures when it is completed. Until then, I start cardio again next week pray for me. Also our house is still for sale. Pray that god sends a great family or couple to love and enjoy our property. I know I do. 🙂


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