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Burnt like toast

sun burnedAlright, I am burnt. As in the sun has gone from kissing my skin to satan has licked it, leaving red scorched skin in his wake. Its freaking ridiculous the way I burn. It also doesn’t matter if I am out in the sun 10 min or 2 hours. I’m still getting burned. The worst thing, I put sunscreen on religiously, in hopes of avoiding this horrendous lobster shell I can’t help but create. The only good thing, my boys don’t burn. I make sure of it. I know how can you say that when you can’t even keep yourself out of hot water? Well for one, they have swim shirts. You know, the ones they sell for $9 damn dollars at Wal-Mart. Yeah those things. Their swim suits are also just above the ankles. So literally ninety percent of their little bodies are covered. I don’t think I could handle seeing their perfectly soft unblemished skin, all red and blotchy from the sun. Besides the pain it causes, it damages the skin beyond repair. But this idiot (me) wants a tan. Something really is wrong with me, I swear. The price of beauty i suppose. Sun screen is also liberally applied to each boys exposed skin (isn’t much mind you) every hour.

I should probably take a page from that book and wear a large hat, a shirt and shorts. Or just stay in the shade but for the first time in years, I like the way I look in my old bathing suits even if they are all alittle big now.

sunburned2We are lucky, in that we do have a pool that is essentially ours most of the week. We can go out and swim whenever and however long we choose. Its awesome and time-consuming. Its getting hot out there and the boys don’t need to be running around in the heat like it is. So the pool is a great distraction and added benefit. The wonderful owners at the campground, thought ahead and had a sun canopy installed over more than half the pool. So shade is provided even though there is no trees nearby. That makes this mommy happy. When the sun is at its highest and hottest, the shade mixed with the cool water, give the illusion that it’s a cool summer oasis.

On top of being burnt, I am SO sore. I have now completed 3 whole days of weight lifting and a week of my regular workouts.(Oh three whole days, it isnt much but damn do I feel it.)  Its been tough, but that is what I have been wanting. My workouts were getting stale and I needed a boost. In fact I tried on a shirt that we got a year or two ago for the boys. It was an adult small. A small and even though it doesn’t look good, I can get it on and it doesn’t look bad either. A bit tight but by the end of summer I believe I could be wearing a SMALL shirt comfortably. Who would have thought a year ago I would be able to wear a small. I used to wear a XXL. Its surreal actually and so validating. Like dory says “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”


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