Well, That was scary…

Last night was one of the scariest we have been through since we started living in the Rv a year and a half ago.  As i have mentioned before, storms are scary anywhere but when you live in a camper the possibility for real injury and damage become much more real. Last night, well I guess actually early morning (2am) we had the highest winds we have encountered thus far. The radar and weather app said that 40-50 mile an hour winds but they lied, when it came screaming in, it came in like a hurricane, literally. I would estimate the winds at about 70-80 miles, the tree behind our camper was blown over. the Canopy over the pool, attached via cables snapped and broke. Chairs where tossed around like rag dolls and limbs were broken everywhere. At one point I had to crouch down into the little space beside the bed because i was sure we were going over. The hubs was in the boys room bracing them. It was scary and completely unexpected.

And then it was gone. Rain replaced the wind and thank god because we NEEDED it. When i woke up this morning I walked out side to see the damage and my son followed. When he saw the tree, he says in a panicked tone “I’m going to wake daddy and tell him.” before I know it, he is running into the camper saying “daddy, daddy, the tree is dead.” i tried, honest i tried but I couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped my lips. The kid was very scared and worried and couldn’t wait to tell his hero, his daddy.  His actions were adorable and innocent and honest.  During the whole storm both boys, I was told, remained completely calm. The youngest had his head under the covers and when asked if he was okay his reply was “Yep, just waiting on you.” How cute is that?

watch3Even though it was scary and unexpected, We could not have asked for a safer and well mannered response from the boys, the hubs or myself. I am confident that if anything major happened, that we could and would be able to pick ourselves up and move forward. This time we were lucky and someone was watching out for us. And I want to say “Thank you! Thank you Lord for watching after my family and the wonderful people around us.”

watch6  Also a huge Thank you to the Hubs. He stayed up for hours last night watching the storm and woke me when he thought I needed to also be up for quick response. Of course if we had had time we would have gone to the shelter but the meteorologists and the radar had never indicated the wind would become so extreme. Sometimes things happen. Its okay, no one got hurt this time around thankfully. But you bet your butt we will be taking the predictions more seriously and with a grain of salt. Better safe than sorry.




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