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It has been a minute…….

Alright so the internet where I am located at has sucked balls, ALL WEEK LONG. Which is the reason for the lack of usual posts. I’m sorry and I have recently updated my phone plan in order to compensate the internet shortage. But to be fair it is free wi-fi, so beggars can not be choosers as the saying goes. And its summer so the traffic has increased by what I’m guessing to be 120%  more than the usual. I get it, I’m not mad and I have planned to do better. Another new thing that has happened is that I started to lift weights this week. I know I know, Why do I need to lift weights? Well I want to for one, and for two the more muscle you build the more fat that you burn and seeing as I have lost exactly zero weight in weeks, I am now convinced it is due to the fact that I have become used to my regualr work outs.

badassThis journey I am on is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and full of hills, holes and downpours. Somedays, I am gun ho and others I just ain’t feeling the bull. But everyday I look in the mirror and am reminded of how far I have come and how far I still want to go. Uh huh, I WANT this. I don’t need it. Okay maybe I need it for mental and physical health but that is besides the point. LOL 🙂 So yeah I signed up for the community center here. Which is awesome, it has an indoor track, a decent gym with at least 20-25 machines (weights, dumbbells, cardio equipment) also has an indoor pool and is open year round. Best of all, it is free to residents of the county. How great is that?

fitbodI got set up on this app called fitbod. And it sets your workouts, shows tutorials, and you can customize the weight amount as you go along. The hubs set mine up for me and reminded me of what all the machines are for and how to use them. I collected my thoughts, water, gym clothes, kissed the babies bye and was on my way. You would think working out in front of  the whole freaking campground would have taught me to ignore the looks and nervousness of going to the gym alone, but no. I was very nervous going into that gym alone and unsure. I have never lifted weights before and didn’t know what to expect. I sign in, walk up two flights of stairs , around a corner and am met with…….an empty room. That’s right, all my nerves were for absolutely nothing. There was not a single person in the gym. I smiled to myself, plugged my ears phones securely in my ears, turned up beast mode radio on Spotify and proceeded to crush my first workout.

It took 53 minutes from the time I started to the time I slid into the front seat of my car. I felt good, pleasantly sore but not extreme and ready to go about my evening. The rest of the night I smiled from the endorphins released from a great workout.  I only had till morning to understand it was a false sense of accomplishment. You know, that today I can barely move my arms and my shoulders ache when I laugh. Imagine Quasimodo from  Hunchback of Notre Dame. Thats is how I look today. HAHA Holy crap, after 17 weeks of doing body weight workouts and getting used tot the muscle fatigue, I was arrogant in thinking that Lifting would be a piece of cake. I have only done one workout and muscles are screaming at me. Not to stop but enough to be noticed. “What the Hell was that?” They say to me and I can’t help but ponder the question further. Switching or adding to my workout is the next step in my journey and it both excites and terrifies me. Understanding has dawned in that, it’s never going to be easy. Greatness doesn’t happen to those that take the easy way out. Some might be genetically blessed in that they don’t have to watch their diet and exercise and then there are those like myself that have to work as hard as I can, for the rest of my life and very carefully monitor my diet. I am a bigger person, I have muscles (They are disguised as fat right now) I will never be one of those skinny dancer type women. I don’t want to be. I am me. I want to be the best version of myself. Lifting 3 days a week, cardio 2 days a week and bodyweight(strength and cardio) 5 days a week is what I am currently doing. It might be too much we will see. A rest day or two needs to be added so if  I need to adjust my schedule I will.

beginning1Let me tell you, since I turned 29, my body does NOT recover like it used to. Seriously, its been a week since my birthday and I feel more than a year older. My muscles really hurt and instead of the day it took to recuperate, it’s taking 2 or even three days which doesn’t help because by then I have worked out once or even twice, restarting the whole process. I have a feeling it’s because I have been slacking on my water consumption. Not drinking enough water when its hot, you’re in the sun and sweating can really become a problem. I really need to try better. We also just order some new protein so hopefully that and continued muscle progress I will either become used to the uncomfortable feeling or my body will heal faster. I mean hello I am literally ripping tissue away from the bone when working out in order to build it up. Sounds moronic, but that’s exactly what happens when you weight lift or train. If I think about it, I had just as many aches and pains when I started this journey so yay for new phase. 🙂

freelance-writer I am now attempting freelance writing. I say attempting because I just started actually researching and signing up for freelance websites to find work. I very much enjoy writing and wish to make a little income for my family in doing something I love. So if you need some editing, copy writing or articles written, rewritten or proofread, I’m your girl! (Wink, Wink)



Maybe I can also finish a project years in the making. When I’m done I will tell you all about it. I’m excited so hopefully it works out like it has in my head. (fingers crossed)

new project




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