Rest day coming soon….


I’m hurting today. My muscles that is. I’ve been pushing it since getting back home. Probably over compensating for the fact that I did virtually nothing on vacation and I felt guilty. So today I’m paying the price. I did my morning work out (2 sets of  25 burpees, 400 meter sprint, 50 squats and another 400 meter sprint) that shouldn’t have been so bad except yesterday I did my morning workout, then did an afternoon walk and after dinner an evening run. I over did it and my shin splints are shouting at me with every step. So right now I’m laying by the pool with my legs up. Drinking a gallon of water and resting. Retraining my body sucks.

IMG_2167With the right diet, water consumption and exercise routine, your body can run like a machine. I can admit that when I eat well I feel great! Eventually I will get back to that but I’m detoxing and putting my body in a state of shock in order to reach results again. I’ve also increased the amount of protein I eat. Lowered bad carbs again and decreased fat by almost half. I will get there. Patience is key. But that’s easy to say and not so easy to practice. As my body can tell you. Until that time comes all I can do it grit my teeth and bear it. As they say it’s 20 percent physical and 80 percent mental. I wish my mind would catch the hell up. IMG_2165


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