Cave Dwelling…..

cave4It has arrived. Summer that is and all that summer entails. Especially the heat. Yesterday was a heat index of 100. Today I think is supposed to be the same. So we have reached the point where we have to convert our camper back to a cave. By definition a cave is a cold dark place in the ground formed naturally by the earth. Now our little cave is not formed naturally unless you count me putting up shades as natural and it is not in the ground, even though it feels like it. But it does feel good when you come in from the hot blazing sun. A little reprieve.

cave1To create our cave, we had to again put up siding insulation and secure them to every window in the camper. In case you didn’t know, camper/RV windows are single pane and do next to nothing to keep the temperatures from outside from coming inside. In the winter we had to block the cold and in the summer we are having to repel the heat. As I said we had to put up siding insulation. It is a 1/4 inch thick foam like board and comes in an accordion style package about five feet long and three feet wide. We cut it down to fit every window but one in the camper and it really does help.cave2 Last year we tried using bubble wrap because I read on the internet it could help. Let me tell you it was okay. But it was ugly, bulky and you could definitely see it from the inside and out. So it made me hate it.  With our current situation it works and is attached via bright orange duct tape do it’s not awesome but I do plan to make it more functional and prettier later by sewing scrape fabric around it and using velcro strips to attach it so it is easier to take off when we want to use the window. Right now we have to remove the duct tape and then get a new strip to reattached it. Yeah sounds like a pain doesn’t it? It is.

My boys leave for a couple of weeks in July to visit grandparents again without mommy or daddy around so I plan to redecorate the camper to my liking. We are living in it longer than anticipated and I’m tired of it looking like a temporary home. I want to make it mine. When I do it and actually decide what I want to do, I will take pictures and write a post about it. So look for it in the next month or two. I really like the glamping makeovers. It looks like a house without the expense. Amazing.

cave5Back to the window covers. I have taped them to the inside of the windows and duct taped the edges to eliminate any light/heat from entering than once secured we put the shades down so we can’t see them  from the inside. They are grey or silver in color and with our tinted windows you can’t see it from the outside. Win, Win.  The one window that is not covered is the one in my kitchen. I love natural light and miss it immensely when the covers are up. seriously the dark gloomy nature makes me feel crazy. Spring and fall are the best for natural light and temperature but that’s common knowledge and I look forward to it like I’m sure you do. But until they come around again we are doing what we can to help our little air conditioner out as much as we can. I can almost hear it whisper its thanks to me. LOL

Now if I can only keep my kids hands off the covers in their room and keep their little fingers from punching holes in it. For now we are ready for summer.   cave6




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