We have been having a great weekend back and it was all due to the wonderful weather and an airshow that was happily planned. All though the adjustment period every kid goes through when getting back from the grandparents is running its course and trying my patience.

airshow2I know that going to the grandparents whether it be a short visit or a long visit, the kids get away with far more than they do when they are home. New house, new rules and that is what grandparents are for. They get to enjoy the kids, parents raise them. LOL. I’m okay with the spoiling and the lax rules but when we get home I have to pray for more than everyday patience with my babies.  They are still too young to understand that when at home we revert back to old rules. So instead I have spent the last 5 or so days re-adjusting them (we can’t go pee in the grass, we are not in the woods anymore, we don’t get snacks after every meal. And if you tell me no, You will get in trouble.)  They are normally such good kids and I’m not just saying that cause I have too. They listen well (most of the time) and are so good-natured and happy that its hard to get mad at them again most of the time.

Yesterday, however my patience ran out and I sent them to bed early due to their actions and none existent listening at the air show. The hubby and I decided to take the boys back in May when it was announced because as a child I always enjoyed it and we wanted to share that with the boys. Well we get to Wings over Whitman at around 9am it was getting busy but we got signed in and parked and the boys start in immediately. They cried because they wanted a snack but we had literally just ate, they complained because we made them carry their water bottles, they complained because I sprayed them with sunscreen. Complain, complain, complain. It gets old quick.  As many of us know. The day was in jeopardy of being ruined before it really began. So I grabbed both boys arms swung them around them around so they could look at me and told them in my low, quiet, scary mommy voice if they didn’t cut the shit, we were leaving and going home to take naps. Honestly I would have rather popped there bottoms and been on my way but we save that for truly heinous things they do, and annoying us doesn’t qualify as that. So their eyes got really big and they even managed to pop out some tears and we were all set.
airshow5Walking on to the flight line, is always a little nostalgic for me. The sounds, sights and even smells bring back my childhood like few other things do. My dad was in the Air Force for many years and I have spent many hours at an air base or air plane hanger. The air show was really quite good, they had plenty of aerialists and jets flying over as well as static displays of Planes you could explore. The boys had a ball. We went to every plane there, let them touch, run and explore. They received posters and goods and even got to wear a pilots helmets. Both boys thought they were bigger than shit. It made me happy they enjoyed it. The air show was over 2 hours long and we left early beacause our oldest was asking consistenly “When can we go home, I’m hungery, Im thirsty, I’m  tired.”  Our youngest was literally laying on the flight line trying to go to sleep. So we left and arrived home around 3 pm. Took short naps and went out again to play. Again the complaining started and then the fighting amongst themselves began. So there day ended early.

airshow4So hopefully with it being the first whole week ahead their attitudes leave there little bodies cause I’m going to lose it. Having it up to my forehead with the back talking they will be spending quite a lot of time with their noses in the corner. (They hate doing that, more than spankings or taking toys away. So that is what we do when they have reached the 3 strikes.) I love my boys, they are my pride and joy but they WILL NOT talk to there elders the way some of these children do. I will sit in the corner with them all day if I have to in order to get them to understand the proper way to conduct themselves. With that being said, I rarely have to correct them for anything big. So I’m lucky and blessed in the regard.

'He's just experiencing a growth spurt'On top of all that I think our oldest is going through a growth spurt. In toddlers that can be one of two things at least where our two are concerned.

One- they eat like grown men and consume everything within reach. Never really becoming full.

Two- they are so sleepy, that even after a good nights rest or a long nap they are cranky and short-tempered. Leaving me to figure out how to handle and defuse any and all situations.


It’s like being a full-time referee, that handles false starts and targeting ALL the time. This is why I work out, it’s the only minutes in my day I’m not yelling at someone. HAHA I’ll go pray for more patience now.


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