Home Sweet Home

We are officially home. And Thank the lord. Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful time but the stress from having to fix my house and finding the money for that became a little much. But without staying I wouldn’t have been able to see my wonderful grandparents and spend those extra few days with my parents. So in all I’m going to pretend the house thing didn’t happen. Yep that sounds awesome.

The last day I was there my dad took a half day and we spent it at the lake. Which was practically abandoned, and awesome. We parked on a sand bar and the boys splashed and swam around while I sat back and had a couple of beers and just relaxed.lake The craziest thing is I wore a bikini. (Yeah, Me) I didn’t look my best but 4 months ago I would have never thought to even put one on. I’m not going to post a picture, I’m not comfortable yet with the image but maybe by the end of summer I will feel good enough to put a side by side up. Maybe?  And to top it off  it was a large. There are areas I need to work on but this is a process and I have to continue to work through it and trust it. Besides I’ve been slacking hard-core in the intensity and frequency of the workouts and the quality of my food intake. Now that I’ve had a nice long break, I am back and can now refocus on continuing this journey with a new look on life. I am motivated and ready to work harder to reach my goals.

There are several things I am going to do this next four weeks that I hope will boost the weight loss. I make four week goals and look at completing 4 weeks at a time instead of getting overwhelmed and discouraged by long-term goals. I didn’t gain this weight in 4 weeks and its going to take me many 4 week periods to get to where I want but as long as I’m aware adn understanding it works for me. My long term goal is 160 pounds. As of this morning according to my scale, I am 201.6. I’ve got some work to do but not nearly as much as before. Progress is progress is progress.

water4First, I’m going to get back to working out hard. I’ve been slacking to my shame. But admittance is acceptance right? That is what I’m going to go with. But I NEED to get back to religiously and consciously working out as hard as I can on top of increasing my everyday steps. Sitting down for long periods of time is not acceptable if I want to reach my goals.

My food intake. My food intake. My food intake. I’m literally going to have to detox. I have NOT been eating clean at all. Fast food, Fried food, Soda and tons of sugary snacks. water3Don’t judge me I was on vacation and under stress. I also drank a lot of alcohol which resulted in one drunken night of Karaoke with my parents. lol It was worth it and a lot of fun. But from a fit and clean standpoint it probably was not the best decision. I tried, I really did to keep portions in control but when fried chicken is placed in front of me what am I supposed to do, Not eat it? I’m not that strong. HAHA. And the hubs, he’s been doing really good because he said since I wasn’t there to cook he didn’t but honestly it kinda sucks to cook for one person. So he had a lot of sandwiches, soups and finger foods. But I’m home now so its time to get back to business. Lemons, are great for detox so I’ll be doing a lot of things with lemons in order to help detox the bad foods.

waterThird, water, water, water. Essential to life and fitness. Water is the most important part of any fitness journey. It helps replenish your body, helps with digestion, helps with skin health and increases your energy. The only down side is you will have to tinkle every 10 minutes. Water weight will fall off though and that’s probably whats going to happen to me when I get back to drinking a gallon a day. I have not been doing that the last three weeks. Lemon water will hep me tremendously. And now that it’s getting hot it helps keep me cool and refreshed.

Excited and Nervous about this next phase of my journey. I was in a plateau before I left and I gained 2 pounds over the last few weeks. So hopefully putting my body back into the routine will make it step up and do what I want it to do. Fingers Crossed right?

By the way today is my birthday. I am 29 years old today and have been so blessed by my family. They all truly go above and beyond to show me how much they care. It was brought front and center when everone helped me fix my house. I am forever grateful.  After my work out today the boys and I are going to lounge by the pool and just enjoy being home. It’s so nice. The hubs was adorable yesterday when we got home. He picked me wild orange lilies. They are my favorite.  And hugged the boys so hard and long that they both said “Daddy you’re crushing me.” of course they loved it and were giggling the whole time.

As they say there is no place like home, whether it’s a house, trailer or camper. Home is where the heart is and the hubs has my entire heart. We are HOME Sweet HOME…… water1





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