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A Twist of Fate…..

Okay so I lied. When I said my vacation was over I had meant it and in a sense it did end. However, I have not left Arkansas or my parents house. We drove by our house to check it over and clean it because I always make sure to step in and see if everything is good. Friday though I walked in with broom and bleach wipes expecting a quick clean up and was bombarded storm.abandoned The house was a wreck. The refrigerator was covered in mold, there were spider webs and bug debris everywhere. There was dirt and dust and in general it looked abandoned. Not just vacant but abandoned and in disarray.

My heart broke and at that moment I completely understood why our house hasn’t been selling. I have been in a camper for a year believing that my house was fine and the market was just not active when in reality my realtor was a liar and a lazy SOB.  Every week since we listed it in April 2016 I have spoken to this man about the activity on my house, what U needed to do for it to sell and if anything was wrong. Every week he said “no the market is slow”. Even now after I fired him two days ago I am still very angry at the thought that he may have been taking advantage of our situation and our house because we were not with-in immediately vicinity to check on the house ourselves. Thats what we get for trusting someone other than family or close friends.

I collected my keys, and set about trying to come up with a plan to make it all better. Staying was the only option at tat moment and the hubby and I agreed that even though we missed each other. We had to be proactive about the house. It’s a obstical that needs to be hurdled, over come and then left in the dust. So I spent most of Friday cleaning up and bleaching the mold in the fridge, drawers and shelves. After a couple of hours scrubbing, it looks a hundred times better and my attitude was much improved. The next thing was sweeping the dust and dirt out off the open rooms. Thankfully my mom watched the boys so that I could be angry alone and clean in peace. My brother-in-law (Q and Brina) and his fiance came over to keep me company and help. Q mowed the lawn and picked up sticks he also checked the attic and roof for any possible damage since there had been storms in the area. snake3Thankfully there was nothing but as we walked back to the front door, I noticed small beady eyes on the shutter next to the front door. Looking up I noticed that a small snake was perched about 6 feet high looking down at me. I was disgusted and freaked out. Brina took the broom and swiped the snake away from the front door into the car port floor where we discovered that it was a baby Cottonmouth maybe two feet long and skinny. We had to kill it because it became aggressive and wouldn’t leave the carport. snakeWe tried to move it into the grass away from the house but the little thing had spirit and decided to pull a Gandolf “Ye shall not pass.”

After that I started playing the what if game in my head. What if I hadn’t seen it? what if it got in the house? what if I had been bitten in the face? What if the boys got bitten? They were there just an hour before checking on me with Nonna. But God was watching out and he knew my plate was already full. After the snake I only stayed a half hour more and then called it a day. I was covered in dirt and tears and my attitude and demeanor reflected it. My husband suggested working out even though I was tired, he knows that it helps my attitudes and helps me release some anger. So that’s what I did. I got back to my parent’s house and worked out the rest of the anger I was feeling.

angry I don’t like being angry, at anyone or anything. I don’t think anyone enjoys being angry but I could be wrong. But being angry is toxic. It warps the way you feel, think and see everyday challenges. If you let it, it will seriously start effecting your mental health and the health of relationships you have. It really is a disease. I know that depression is the same way and I think they kind of go hand in hand. Before I started my clean eating and working out I felt myself go willing down that path. Thats probably why I was so upset by the house condition. It reverted me back if only for a short few hours. If for nothing else, you should try working out, walking or just getting your heart rate up. It helps your brain release endorphins and those make you feel good.

trim1So for the last two days I have spent the majority of my time at the house cleans mold and measuring walls. We made the decision to put up trim in the loving room and repaint the cabinets as a way to make the house look and feel fresh. I plan to resist it in a couple of days for Sale by Owner and see where that takes us. We can list it for less now that realtor commission isn’t a problem. My dad and mom have been great as well as Q and Brina. I truly am lucky to have the family I do. They are always there when shit hits the fan and never ask for anything in return. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God blessed me many times over with all of you!) Q and Brina gave me the idea to us 1x4x8 or 1x4x12 as it were as trim. I bought some, painted it flat white and waited for to dry. While I was waiting to apply the second coat, I sanded and repainted the kitchen cabinets. When I lived there they were well-loved. And that’s a nice way to put it. My boys were constantly banging into them with scooters or toys or with body parts so a fresh new coat was over due. All the window trimmings and base boards also got a fresh coat. It looks spectacular and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do it.

My dad helped hang the trim boards today and I spent several hours calking and repainting them to make them look seamless. It looks really good and it makes me kinda upset I dint do it when I lived there. But that’s the nature of the beast. My back and neck hurt from standing with my arms above my head and looking up all day but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Cause for this trip I have done all I can. We do plan to come back to Arkansas in July to accomplish some more but as of right now it looks better than ever and I can’t wait to list it myself. Prayers and inspiration are greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way I can see I have developed a bicep muscle. It might be little but its cute. LOL




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