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Good things always come to an end….

Well tomorrow we end the long adventure of visiting parents and grandparents. It has been absolutely amazing visiting Arkansas and wonderful family we have here. The boys have had a great time also but are now starting to asking me when we are going back to the camper which I guess I should be happy about because they consider it home even when I sometimes don’t. I should, we’ve been in it a year but I have a mental block there. Today we woke up nice and calm, that is the greatest predictor of good days anyone can have. If the boys are calm in the morning it means that they slept well and their attitudes and demeanor will reflect it so cross your fingers I would perfer them to get along and be good on the last day we visit.

house1As much as I am excited to see the hubs after a week away. I am actually little sad too because I will miss my parents and family here. Besides my husband, who is my best friend, my mother is the other one. We talk every day and we talk about everything. We have always been very close and living hours away can be straining. But at least I have a car now so if I get a boot in the butt we can meet half way sometime for a weekend.

I have a couple of things to do today before I can leave. I have to go over to our old house and clean it of bugs, leaves and try to get the abandoned look back in its cage. We drove by earlier in the week and I cried. It’s such a heartbreaking feeling looking at a house you know, love and pay for just sit there like a bump on a log collecting dust.

Dream sign expectation

It’s not priced high, it has 5 acres and its only 3 miles outside city limits. it’s a mile from the lake and 2 miles from Wal-Mart. Hopefully with continued prayers, and this cleaning someone will come in and fall in love like we did. We are blessed enough to be able to afford the mortgage and our other bills while living in the camper but without it sold we can’t afford to buy another house let alone rent a house so the camper is the solution. But like any parents we wish we could give the boys the world and how can the world be giving when a camper is all we have?

house 5 After the long drive tomorrow by myself, I have to really get back on the healthy train. I have been slacking and thats an understatement but I’ve enjoyed the break. I think that is the key not to stress about not doing your routine but be understanding and determined to continue when you get back to reality. I have enjoyed ever bite of food taken, every sip of wine and everyday I didn’t workout. I feel well rested and rejuvenated. So that means Sunday i will literally go hard and kill my workout. Throw my body back into hell in order to change it for the better.

house 4As a send off my dad is making me wings tonight. I love wings. He deep fries them then tosses them in Hooter sauce. Oh my God they are so good and no matter what we have done neither my brothers, husband or myself can replicate it. It’s a dad thing and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I will miss my parents. I never get to see them enough and visiting becomes sporadic as time goes on. Bubbers starts school in Aug. My dad works, Hubby works and mom has her on-line shop. And now I have this blog. Life gets in the way but thankfully we get these visits to break up the absence. I love you guys and can’t wait till next time. house 3



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