Crater of Diamonds……..

IMG_1975We can now say that we have been to the Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro, AR. All the years I have lived in Arkansas through school and then when I first got married we never visited. It took us moving to Missouri and then coming for a visit with my children to make us go. It was fun but unfortunately I can not say that I can retire anytime soon.  In fact we didn’t find anything of value but it was quite interesting. They have a small museum type display that outlines the crater, how to find a diamond, what diamonds look like and all the big diamonds found in the Crater. My toddlers didn’t care but I found it intriguing. Did you know that the largest diamond ever found in the United States (the Uncle Sam diamond) was found here in 1924? Yeah I didn’t either. It only made me want to find a diamond more which I suppose is the reason they promote that.

IMG_1973We drove into the State Park and parked the car, my mother (Nonna), the boys and I. We get out and I commenced in covering the boys and myself in sun screen. If you don’t get anything from this post please understand that the sun in Arkansas is brutal. Its hot, scorching and the Crater is just that a crater. which means it is a 38 acre plot of dirt with no trees, or shade unless you bring your own. I burn at the drop of a hat and I don’t want the boys getting burned cause I think we can all agree that a sun burn is best avoided for all parties.  Thankfully the park does allow you to bring in your own ice chest, shovels, sifters and umbrellas or chairs if you so desire carrying them around. Next time I go you better believe I’m bringing all that. The boys had fun they just dug in the dirt. But as all kids tend to do they lost interest after a surprising half hour and just ran around. I think the next time we go I will bring chairs, an ice chest,  the toy trucks and an umbrella.

We gave it our best effort, Nonna and me and we stayed for a couple hours despite the whining and crying but honestly we didn’t know what the hell we were looking for. They tell you that diamonds are shiny, smooth rocks that dirt doesn’t stick too. And I am pretty sure that your minds starts playing tricks on you. It did me. I started over thinking, Over analyzing every little rock and thinking what it would look like polished. The Crater smartly has diamond and mineral identification desks so that you don’t have to guess what is and isn’t a diamond. There were a couple rocks including at the very end that I had looked at but though pretty they turned out to be Jasper and quartz.IMG_1976

The boys were so cute, they did pick up some “Pretty” rock for mommy. They have this thing even at the RV where if they see a pretty rock they bring it to me and say “mommy, pretty rock for you. Can we keep it?” Like a rock is a pet. I have kept ever rock they have brought to me and plan to make a rock garden out of it someday. At the center I will put this really big, really shiny pyrite (fools gold) rock that they found here awhile back just outside our camper.

After the crater they tuckered out and fell asleep in the car ride home. Then we went to the lake for a quick swim. one thing is for sure even though mommy isn’t sleeping well, the babies sure are. The next fews days are supposed to rain but I’m going to make sure to get some karaoke in. My dad has made a music room in the top of his shed and decked it out in all his guitars and music equipment including my old T.V. and a mic. I love to sing but what I love the most is watching the boys become rock stars while on the mic.

I also feel like I have been slacking on my workouts. I know for sure I have been slacking on my food choices. They have not been good at all and I can feel the way my body changes even from two weeks of none clean eating. Digestion isn’t as good, I’m sluggish, tired and my energy and thought process are slower. But our vacation is almost over so I will enjoy the next few days and not think about that until we get back.IMG_1962


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