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Next phase of the Vacation…

Well we have left the farm. Yesterday the boys and I drove down to my parents and the Hubs headed back to the RV to work. We will be staying with my parents, checking on our house (Still need to sell it) and visiting with my side of the family. boatYesterday we arrived around mid morning and immediately went out on the lake. It was very refreshing after a two and half hour drive with screaming kids in the back. In central Missouri when we left a week and a half ago it was still cool and the prospect of swimming was something that wasn’t going to be entertained for a while.  Here, in south Arkansas, the lake water was 74 degrees and the air temperature was near 90. The boys were like pigs in mud, they had the life jackets on and jumped off the back of the boat, played with the waves and swam their little faces off. They had a blast. I did too, I got to drink a couple of beers with my youngest brother, his fiancé and my parents. Sometimes its the little things you know?

After a couple of hours hob knobbing around we came back to the house and relaxed. My dad showed me all the improvements that they have been doing to their house and shed. My dad is very handy and my mom creative and together they do make some beautiful additions to the living spaces, be it large or small. In fact, my mom has an Etsy store if you wanna check out her creations which include Jewelry, windchill and garden decorations. ( Everything she makes really is beautiful and I’m not just saying that, just check it out you will not be disappointed.

My dad has made this awesome roofed over hang that extends out of the kitchen on to the patio and creates a great atmosphere for the outdoor living space. That mixed with my moms green thumb make you feel warm and welcome. It calls to me “Come drink coffee on me.” And while I am here I plan to indulge at some point.

When we left the farm yesterday morning it was sad. But isn’t it always sad to leave family after a good visit especially when you live several hours away and don’t know when the next time is you can visit again. Cell phones are great for that as well as Skype. You don’t have to be in the same room to “see” each other anymore. The grandparents don’t feel like they are missing the grand babies grow up….. too much. It was also sad because we were going in the exact opposite direction then the hubs. After leaving the farm-house we met again at the top of the dirt road. We again said our good byes with kisses and hugs and the boys telling daddy “Be safe, have fun at work…. BYYYYYEEEEE.” to them it was no big deal because they were on to another adventure with another set of grands. moms5But for me, I HATE leaving my hubs. I worry about everything and I was going to be surrounded by family where as he was going back to the RV to no one. That’s sad to me. I really don’t like that image at all. But of course when he got there, he was fine, playing Xbox and doing things in the quiet on his time. I’m sure he missed us but probably enjoyed his time alone too. He needs his time like I need mine.

While we are in South Arkansas, I plan on taking the boys to the diamond mine so they can dig for diamonds. what better thing to do for little boys then to get dirty on purpose. HAHA. I will make sure to take some pictures and regal you with that journey. Hopefully it will include the caption “I found a huge diamond and I am now retired.” If only right?

finger crossed

As always I am going to continue to get this body right. I stepped on my dad’s scale and I like that scale very much. Don’t know how accurate it is but if its right I might finally be out of my plateau and into the 190’s. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.




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