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Mommy is NOT a Fan….

Daddy got the boys a new pet today and before I tell you what it is, I want everyone and the universe to know I DETEST it with the very fiber of my being. I am NOT a fan…..NOT A FAN. In fact its been a running joke of the hubs to get the boys one or two or three and for the last 4 years, that’s all it’s been, a joke. Well, today he got me. He captured a spider off the back patio and found a “great little container” for it that will fit just great in a camper.

IMG_1916Who is the sam hill is he kidding?  Spiders are a nuisance that I understand are a necessity for the balance of life but not my life. Everyday, I clean to keep creepy crawlies like that OUT of my house and he catches one to put IN. Seriously there beady little eyes always watching you and there long hairy legs brushing up against everything. They freak me out!

IMG_1915So he catches it, makes this homemade terrarium and tells the boys we are going to watch him. He goes outside gets my lighter and pokes holes in the lid to allow airflow and oxygen in so the poor little critter doesn’t suffocate. (Oh that would be bad?) IMG_1917The container is pretty cool…. I guess, and he did do a good job creating a habitat for its living quarters but don’t tell him I told you. (He’s ego already makes the house feel small with the size of his head. LOL Love you handsome)

If it’s not already enough, the boys are REALLY into it. Like really into it, to the point that they found an empty aspirin bottle to catch its dinner. I thought it was very ingenious of them to think of that and I praised them accordingly. I may hate the thing but the boys don’t know and will never know how much I dislike their “pet”. As a mom I don’t want to crush their interests, I want to nourish and stoke that fire. I have accepted this spider is now a member of our family and that I, as mom, will have to take care of it to an extent. I refuse to open the lid but I will help the boys catch its food and will display it in the camper for them to talk to and watch it. spiders 3

By the way this spider has been named “Donnie.” My husband has a knack for coming up with unconventional names for pets. Our elf on the shelf, yeah his name is Carl. Not “Star”, or “elf” or “ding Dong ” he is Carl. And Carl is forever engraved in the boys minds as their elf. Just like Donni is their spider and they are none the wiser that the name could have been Spidey or Jumper. (You know simple)

spider 2 Donnie we found out is a Female adult Bold Jumper. It is the most common jumping spider found in Arkansas and most southern states. It is black in color and will change color and patterns with each molt. It also doesn’t make a web to catch prey. It makes silk to hang the egg sack or to rest. It also will hang pretty much anywhere, such as small crevices, on the side of brick walls, tree bark or concrete patios with cracks. In case you wanted to know.

A couple of hours after Donnie happened upon the home she didn’t know she wanted, the boys went to find her dinner. Daddy took them outside into the yard and they jumped this way and that way finding anything that crawled. A few minutes produced several specimens for Donni to pick from. A moth, ant and silverfish were sacrificed for the greater good and left to their own defenses. I will give Donni credit, she’s a hunter. Within an hour or two of putting those bugs in her container she has eaten or at least killed all but one. It was kinda cool to see her jump at and attack the moth and then watch her partially eat it. Circle of life as I told the boys.

Spider 1

It will be a learning experience for them to watch her habits and I am all about learning new things, This also opens up more activities we can do at the camper on a boring day. Bug hunting, or spider drawings or teaching respect for nature. So I can see the pros to the many cons that ran through my head as hubby presented this horrific thing to me.

So long live Donnie, cause my boys already love you even if I do NOT……



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