It’s whats’ for dinner….

SO tonight I am being spoiled. My husband is the grill master of the family except for his step dad who taught him everything he knows, he is the grill lord. The boys call him PawPaw and whether he likes it or not,(He LOVES it)  PawPaw is what he will forever be known as from this day forth. Dinner tonight was started at around 11 am and are still sitting in the smoker collecting that amazing smokey taste we all know and love. ( If you don’t, I assure you. You are missing out.) DSC_0001

BBQ Blue Cheese Ribs are the most amazing things I have ever tasted. This time last year I refused to try them and this year I can NOT get enough. The clean eating and calorie deficits have definitely reset my taste buds and thankfully it’s for the better. These ribs are an all day chore for the person in charge of the grill/smoker. First, you start by doing what my husband calls the 3/2/1 method. But he cooks it slower and adds an hour to each step so it becomes the 4/3/2 method.

He smokes it uncovered for four hours over wood (he favors Hickory or oak and as the official taste tester I LOVE the flavor it give’s the meat)  He then covers it in aluminum foil and smokes it for another 3 hours, again over hickory or oak. The hubby wants me to mention that he has no clue at what temperature he cooks because he has never uses a thermometer. He measures it by texture, density and feel. PawPaw never used a thermometer and so he never does. (huh…..who knew.) The last step is my favorite  because the amazing creamy beautiful flavors are put together and again smoked. He pulls apart the aluminum foil and squirts BBQ sauce under and on top of the rack of ribs.

Before covering it back up he takes a whole tub of blue cheese CRUMBLES and spreads evenly over the top. Covers the whole thing and puts it back on the smoker for the remainder of its journey. (about two hours.)

When time is up, something magical is revealed. The blue cheese melts a tad and mixes with the BBQ sauce in a way that makes even the most adamant hater of blue cheese fall in love. Seriously, my mouth is watering just talking about it and I’ve been waiting ALL day for them so that might have something to do with it. These are the reason we rush to the supermarket if St. Louis style baby back ribs go on sale. But thankfully for my mid section and my wallet that doesn’t happen all that often so its special when we have them. 🙂

We like to pair them with Mexican street corn and smoked backed beans. If you want the recipes just email me and I will be happy to post it.

BBQ Blue Cheese Ribs, are something PAwPaw decided to throw together one night after thinking what the hell? In my wildest dreams i could not have thought to mix those two flavors and then smoke it but I thank him adamantly every time these amazing things are cooked and then eaten. If you try them I hope you love them as much as we do.


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