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Working out while on Vacation?


Isn’t it Gorgeous?

For the next two weeks, we will be on what you call a vacation. We can’t afford to go to the beach. (Still trying to sell our house, Please send prayers our way.) We are visiting various family members on both my husband and my side. The boys have been missing their grandparents. This week we are at the in-laws (the farm) and my only struggle is staying the course on working out and eating well. The best thing about visiting family besides the camaraderie is the home cooked meals. I swear there is nothing better than my in-laws and mothers cooking. I think we can all agree, home cooked meals could be one of the best things ever. Not just the content but the fact that we ourselves don’t have to slave over meals for a change. However, their cooking is not my own. And me being on the clean eating train it’s not always easy to incorporate our eating habits. And I am not going to force my ideology onto anyone else unless they are willing. Though I do plan on making my Father-in-law  try a spinach salad. I will let you know how that goes. LOL

The last two days, working out has NOT been on my todo list. Though after much complaining and excuses I did force myself to half ass some workouts. This morning was better because I got up, had coffee (Sweet magical elixir) and worked out before noon. For me that is a big help. If I wait till after noon, the chances that I’m going to workout goes down exponentially. After the workout I felt awesome, energized and awake. Tomorrow might be another question.


My Freeletics app literally warned me, WARNED me that this coming week is HELL week. (Does that sound ominous to you? yeah me too.) But I welcome the challenge. Maybe, that mixed with the increased humidity will finally push me over the edge of the plateau I’ve been suffering through. Wish me luck!

The food, Oh my GOD the food. It’s always amazing here at the farm and only three days in, I’m regretting my whole eating healthy lifestyle. Do I really want to continue? How about we forget about it while we are here? Babe, do I have to?  All these questions are relevant and real. This is probably the biggest challenge in self-discipline since I started this journey. And I’m only holding on with my finger tips. Today, I did take the initiative and bought some baby carrots, spinach and apples. All heathly quick snacks if I’m feeling a craving.  An example of the food so far; Pinto beans, smoked ham and corn bread. That is what’s for dinner tonight, how amazing does that sound?  Yesterday we had fried fish, french fries and homemade hush puppies. Oh yes, I partook. But I did keep it in prospective. The other problem is the sweets and treats. I understand that they are intended for the children and I don’t keep those things at our house because I can’t control myself around those things but somehow I’m keeping a reign on it……Barely. Those ice cream cones are whispering to me “Come on honey, you know you want us. You can have just one. It won’t hurt you. We miss you.”  What a load of crap right? I know if I have one I’m having the whole freaking tub. Lets be honest. HAHA
battle of wills   So as the week progresses it promises to be a battle of wills. The will to stay on track or the will to say “What the hell” and eat any and everything in sight. I truly hope my will to stay on track wins out because I would hate to see myself two weeks from now in the mirror and the disappointment I would feel if I gave in. It might not be a popular opinion and may feel selfish but for myself I need to put everything into prospective and I know it won’t offend anyone if I declined a big plate in lieu of a much smaller one. I just have to keep the devil on my soldier from speaking so loudly.



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