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Road Trip Fun

The road trip was a success. At least a success when you take in to account that I was driving my toddlers several hours. We were supposed to leave today, but my husband being who he is, got a spur in his butt and decided that I needed to get my ass in gear and pack our stuff and leave last night. For our area we were projected (Shocker) for more rain and some pretty strong storms early this morning so to avoid them we left by 3 pm.

I love road trips. Love them. As a child my family at least twice a year would go on long road trips to visit grandparents. We lived in Michigan then and one set lived in South Arkansas and the other in Up state New York. I am grateful for those trips, some were definitely better than others but in all they were fun enough that I want to instill the same kind of enjoyment for trips that I was taught. However as a parent I always envision magical fun times a lot like Clark Griswald but it always goes into the crapper at least once or twice. I think thats just a part of family trips though.


Back to the present. We have had several trial and error trips and decided about a year ago to invested in a portable DVD player and I highly recommend it if you want to keep your sanity when traveling with little ones. And since we now have two vehicles this was the first trip that the hubs and I were separated between the two vehicles. So it became even more important so that I could be more focused on driving then being a referee for the back seat. So my car was packed to the brim with everything from our bags, to freaking little mattresses for the boys to sleep on when we get to the farm (Hubs Family farm, We love that place.) and the jeep was packed with fishing gear, an ice chest and anything else he deemed important (How important only he knows. Am I right?) the first of the trip went by pretty quick and uneventful, since it’s all highway and the boys attention was on the screens in-front of their faces instead of what mommy was doing.
IMG_1837So naturally, I jammed out to my old favorites, I mean really jammed out. I was the idiot you see when you are riding, that dances in the car and belts out ballads for my esteemed audience. (I crushed that shit, just saying.)  We only stopped once to top off the gas tanks and to get some food for the hubs and I since we skipped lunch and to get the boys some snacks. (Yes I cheated, don’t you dare judge me. I devoured that piece of gas station pizza like I was starving and I regret nothing. You would have to, I Know. Haha)

After two more hours of my concerts and dance recitals,  we were only an hour away and going through the most treacherous part of the trip, at least for me because again I’m usually not driving, I am a habitual rider. LOL. My palms became sweaty, My heart rate increased and it was reminiscent of my panic attack days.(Driving in rush hour traffic in Dallas can do that to a person.)This time however we were coming into Ponca, Arkansas and the hills are very steep and curvy.   My husband also did not help because the whole time he was telling me how I shouldn’t ride my brakes and not go over a certain MPH and watch the sides of the road and on and on and on.

The whole time I had been anticipating this possible catastrophe and you know what? it was nothing, thankfully. All that freaking worrying for nothing. I drove it like a pro and had no trouble. That’s what over thinking gets me.

IMG_1838At this point however the movies were no longer being watched and the boys had begun asking me the stereotypical “Are we there yet?” Just before losing my shit, I turned on my I pod and recruited two back up singer/dancers. It was so cute, they asked me to turn up the volume and became DJ’s, picking the songs one after another. It was very memorable and I will always remember it. We sang so much and so loud when we did finally arrive at Granny and PawPaw’s (that’s what the boys call it and that’s who it is anyway) my throat was so horse I felt ridiculous. Person in the green Subaru that drove beside me almost the entire 5 hours, I hope you enjoyed the show. 🙂

We unpacked the car, got the beds ready and made sandwiches. Also checked the radar to see how our camper was faring in the predicted weather. Rain that’s all they got their and meanwhile here is us in North Arkansas smugly that we had beat the weather. It’s a recurring theme and I’m not sure how to get away from it but we thought wrong. Midnight last night, some strong storms rolled in with straight line winds and knocked out the power to the farm. That crap did not get fixed and restored till 5:30 tonight. Sixteen hours later. We drove to town and saw that the power company had there work cut for them today, some of the trees blown down were monsters.

So all day today, sleep deprived and sticky (humidity, no air) from the previous nights events we played outside, I worked out and we had a generally good day. By the way my workout today was not a hard one and in Missouri I do NOT sweat like I did today. It was embarrassing, I was literally dripping sweat all over. My shirt was soaked, my hat that i wear was soaked and I felt disgusting. The hubs even commented about how early my hair was.  road trip 1I will give him this, my hair is naturally curly and in the humidity it does frizz something awful. It was probably several inches in diameter more than usual, It’s like an additional planet that orbits my head.  But Hey I got in a good work out right?


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