Being a Mommy

Early Morning WTF

This morning was one of those morning you wake up asking the all important WTF. As I said yesterday, it was much better and I was feeling much better. Work out was harder than it should be but hey I was sick forgive me please. Last night we all went to bed super early again and it was awesome. Best nights rest in over a week. This morning however, I had to question “Why me?”

donutsWhen the hubs got home yesterday he informed me that the boys deserved donuts in the morning. (Our children live and breathe donuts. its insane how much they love them. who wouldn’t those tasteful round rings of awesomeness. I could murder a dozen no problem.) I agreed, they had been good all day. Our mistake, we told them they were going to get them. It was around 4:30pm and honestly I should have known. All parents of toddlers know that you don’t tell them to expect something because there little brains begin to obsess and over anticipate. That is exactly what happened. For the hours left in the day till their bedtime we heard about freaking donuts every ten minutes. I can laugh about it right now but last night let me tell you, I was pulling my hair out and the hubs was wondering why he came home from work.

donuts 4This morning WTF happened around 4:45 am in the form of my oldest child jumping onto my bed, poking the back of my head and telling me that he was ready for his donuts. When I sleepily told him it was too early he informed me “But, daddy said we get to have donuts.” It wasn’t a lie and yes his daddy did tell him he could have donuts and honestly I was tired of telling him to wait. The poor baby had been waiting, to him what felt like days. He wanted those donuts, and i was too sleepy and tired to refuse. So we got up, got dressed (Me sort of,  I looked like a hot mess, and decided that a hat would be just fine) and got in the car. It was now around 5:45am, daddy had left for work and I was on my way to Wal-Mart in order to get my babies the Gosh darn donuts they had been promised. It was really killing two birds with one stone. I needed to go to Walmart so that I could get the supplies we needed for our road trip tomorrow (there will be a post with pictures chronicling our adventure.)  We ended up walking around for an hour. I even got up enough courage to try on new shorts in a smaller size. I picked a small size I didnt think I would fit it. . I started at a 16/18 at the beginning of Febuary and today I could actually button a size 10. A size freaking 10… How awesome is that? I couldn’t be more proud or motivated then today. I feel great.

Any way we got our things an went home where I cooked myself breakfast instead of the fattening donuts and no I’m just waiting  for nap time.

donuts     Seriously though, as a parent of toddlers and if you don’t have any please heed my advice. Don’t mention anything that you plan to do within a couple of minutes to a couple of hours unless you want to be bugged and questioned constantly. And if you make that mistake I truly hope they don’t wake you up at the wee hours of the morning for damn donuts.


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