Being a Mommy

When Mommy is Sick….

It never seems to fail, when mommy is sick so is someone else. There isn’t too many time I, myself am sick. I can usually count on 1 hand a year that I am sick at all but the last couple days have been rough. I don’t know if due to the recent flooding the plants are over producing to catch up (pollen) or if it was just my time but I have been down for 2 days. Going outside is impossible because stepping out side for literal seconds makes me worse. Coughing, sneezing, lethargy, and puffy eyes. Allergies, they are not for the faint hearted. Besides that I can’t seem to get enough sleep and my appetite is non-existent. The worst part is it’s not just me.

sick 1

Me, I could handle but me and the hubs, Yeah that’s a bit much for anyone in a tiny camper. Yesterday was so nice outside, it was beautiful and I tried to go outside for the boys. I tried to take them to the park and play but honestly I couldn’t be out there longer than ten minutes. I came back inside and had to lay on my bed for a good 45 minutes after. I couldnt breathe, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t stand the headache that was making itself known. The hubs really wasnt any better. He had to stay home from work and made a nice little nest on the couch. He tried to help but as bad as I felt I think he was worse. He had a cough that reminded me of bronchitis. And because he’s a man there will be no doctor unless he is dying. (I don’t understand that by the way. I’m no fan of the doctors but it you are suffering why not go and get looked at. Damn we pay for insurance, use it right?) Thankfully we all went to bed at 8 pm last night and slept better than previous nights.

sick 4

Today is much better but its supposed to rain. My poor boys. They I don’t think care but i see them playing in this cramped space and can’t help but wonder why our house hasn’t sold so we can get another bigger space for them. But we are blessed with what we have and its a waiting game.

Being sick as a mom is one of the greatest tests of patience and selflessness. Even though you feel like donkey dodo you still suck it up and take care of the little ones. If they want something to drink we drag ourselves out of bed to get it. If we are vomiting uncontrollably and they need to use the potty we somehow manage in controlling the up chuck so they can go. Everything we do, we do for our children and it’s absolutely miraculous. If it was just me and the hubs, we would have just stayed in bed all day sleeping and resting. With the boys though they NEED me. They Need me to be a stronger person than I feel. So I summoned all my patience, prayed to jesus cause lets face it i need it on a good day and I pulled my big girl panties up. After our first attempt at going outside I had to pull out the Play Do and get imaginative. They asked me to make them race cars, dinosaurs and transformers. (i did my best.) Then I taught them how to play Go Fish, the card game.  They constantly amaze me at how smart and funny they are. They picked it up fast (I may have cheated) but we had fun and it kept them entertained. After nap time we were laying in bed and somehow it broke out into a tickle fight. All four of us. I helped daddy hold Bubbers down while Bubbie tickled him and vice versa. It was a good day despite feeling like crap. But they have a knack for making shitty days bright.

sick 3

Thankfully the Lord heard my prayers and a potentially bad situation came out good and bright even if a bit exhausting. Today I plan to workout (“You need too” I remind myself) and play outside for the boys ( weather promiting). Mommy’s being sick doesn’t distract from whats important its a learning experience meant to teach each of us that bad situations are just that and with a little creative thinking and a lot of love we can make them good again.


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