Being a Mommy

Mommy on a Friday night

Once upon a time there was a young woman who loved to go out, get some drinks and see friends on a friday night. It wasn’t unusual to see her out till wee hours in the morning then see her by the apartment pool (we lived in Dallas for years) a couple of hours later ready to do it all again. This girl had no need for sleep, no worries and no recuperation time. Awwww….. it was great.

Fast  forward about 6 years and this same girl (Surprise, its me.) is sitting at the Camper table at 9:30 pm drawing a chicken with a tutu. Yeah that happened but there was a reason. I wasn’t even drinking though it might be better to say that I was. The hubs and I don’t drink often. Occasionally  but we make sure the boys are taken care of or asleep. IMG_1809 Friday nights have changed so dramatically since I became a mom that it’s like I’m a different person and in a sense I am. As a whole I don’t often miss the old Megan but sometimes I miss the fun she used to have. Then I wake up the next morning, groggy, sick to my stomach and feeling like I died twelve times over.



   Anyone with toddlers will tell you that being hung over with them present is a new kind of hell. Seriously, it’s literally torture from the seventh level of satan’s home turf.

partying 1
I have made a TERRIBLE mistake.

My husband can sleep through anything and I’m starting to understand that’s a man thing. So he only gets a fraction of that nonsense. When, we have had a rare late night drinking extravaganza, the next morning I will be the one that wakes up, cause let’s face it I’m mommy and the boys come to my side when they wake up.




It’s cute and welcome on a regular day but on these occasions I sometimes wonder where I am and Why I’m there and who are these little gremlins that woke me from my troubled alcohol fueled dreams.

partying 8  But they always have a smile and how can a person, including me be mad by their sweet adorable innocent faces. So I stumble my way into the kitchen and make their juice for the morning, prepare breakfast and set the T.V. up all in the hopes that I can get another 15-20 minutes fore my boys re-enact wrestle mania in the camper living area. Everything shakes and moves and sounds travel through the thin walls (Think about that) there are so many reasons I can’t continue to sleep.  It’s impossible at least for me.

The hubs could sleep through a tornado. wizardI swear, if a tornado took our house, spun it in the air like the Wizard of Oz and landed on a witch, he would snore through the whole thing. Seriously there is something wrong with him, I’m convinced.

Last night, I was drawing and attempting to entertain myself.  We have direct tv and I’m not sure why because all the programing sucks. Why do I pay for that crap? Who gives a crap about the Shark mop at 9 o clock at night? Waste of time and money.  So after going through the program guide a million times begging for a magical change, my husband decides to play games on our Xbox One.

partying 4
Literally one of the best games!!!

I play games too but enjoy drawing and I needed to finish writing my book anyway. (Writer’s block is a bitch, I didn’t write a single word.)  So the boys finally go quite and I decide to do one of those charcoal nose masks, the hubs says he will do one with me. I had to take my nose ring out to do it cause I can only imagine the unnecessary pain of ripping the strip off and taking the nose ring with it. (Still makes me cringe when I think about it.) So I remove it, get my face washed and apply the nose strip to myself and my husband. It takes 15 minutes to work. This was literally the highlight of our evening. So sad.
IMG_1801  So as a whole our Friday nights have gotten very domesticated, and routine. Thankfully with it getting nice outside I can go outside on the patio and have a fire to relax by. The only thing that kind of dampens that is that our RV in parked right by the playground which is great and not at the same time. Cause at night when my kids are finally asleep and I just want alone mommy time I still have to hear all the other kids playing outside or if I’m outside its literally 30 feet away. I honestly can’t escape into the quiet peaceful place I need to go sometimes. There isn’t enough privacy or space to allow that. This is  probably the thing I miss most about a real house. Home is where the heart and its true but it doesn’t say Home is also where you find peace. Everyone (ME) deserves times and places to contemplate the day and be alone. For me the bathroom is the only place of solitude but the kids still will open the door to ask me for something or because they suddenly decided they needed to pee more than me.  Lord knows as little children they have no boundaries, I mean Jeez, Bubber’s will literally bend over in front of me to ask if his butt is okay. (Nightmares….. I’m living nightmares.)  Really, I’m glad he feels comfortable but dang.
partying 6    As much as I’ve been complaining about mommy Friday nights, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Cause on boring nights like last night, I get giggles and kid jokes and goofy stories. After they go to sleep, I get real conversations with my best friend and husband where we get the chance to be us. Not mommy and daddy but Handsome and butters (his nickname for me). Those are the down moments that help erase the bad and annoying during the day. Those are the moments I am most grateful for. Going out and partying is fun don’t get me wrong and definitely most needed sometimes but its a balance.


And I for one don’t look or feel awesome after those nights. I wake up looking like the crypt keeper, feeling like a zombie and scaring my children.

My life is amazing, and exactly what I want. It’s perfect for us and it has imperfections, thats what makes it beautiful.

partying 7

Enjoy your weekend, Have fun!






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