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Emerge Yourself in Movies

Lets talk about movies for little bit. I love movies. My boys love movies and a good movie MOVIE 5on a rainy day with little boy cuddles is one of the best things in this world. Since I was little, I have appreciated a good movie. One of my fondest memory’s is sitting on my grandparents couch in upstate New York watching John Wayne movies while my grandfather laid on the floor against his bean bag tickling my brothers. To this day I can’t see a bean bag without feeling nostalgic. John Wayne was the epitome of cool and tough. All his movies are good and make you feel as though it was a privilege to watch him act. I could watch his movies over and over again. Old movies are wonderful it’s how the movies of today began, even though the movies now a day are entertaining, very rarely do they evoke the kind of emotions the old movies do. At least for me.

Movies 1   One of my all time favorite movies is “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” It is a 1954 movie of a mountain man who comes down to get a wife. He meets a young woman named Milly and they marry. As they drive back up the mountain on his wagon she talks about how she is so excited to cook and clean and be a wife for one man. She used to work in a Kitchen/tavern. He forgets to tell her he is the oldest of Seven brothers. Songs are sung, hilariousness ensues and eventually the boys meet all her friends and a lesson is learned. I’m a total sucker for love stories and musicals. My brother hated this movie. I swear I have watched it a million times and even found it on DVD so I could have it for ever. Its my precious ha-ha. It’s not that serious but I did want my children one day to see it. I always envisioned a girl to share my obsession with and maybe someday I will be blessed with a girl but for now I’ll introduce the boys. You should look it up if you haven’t. I recommend it. In fact I’m pretty sure I married a mountain man with a big beard. I might have imitated art in this manner.

My husband loves action/ drama movies. Anything with a military, battle, war bio pic he is all over. And where they can be interesting after he forces me to watch, it is not my go to. I’m quite eclectic with my movies and music choices. I will literally watch or listen to anything if it sounds good or interests me. Thankfully my children are becoming the same way in the way of music. Back to movies. Movie 6 We also like to take the boys to see some of the new cartoon movies that are coming out. They do so well in a movie theater. It does help when the theater has recliners for seats with enough room for them to sit with me or with each other without feeling like we are on top of each other. And it helps too that aim animated movies now have an adult element to it. Some of the one liners or content will escape a child’s notice but for the parents attending it adds to the experience. Lego Batman was pretty good, had me laughing as much as my toddlers. Maybe I have been around my kids too much?

The other thing about movies is that as parents we often have to put off the movies we want to see in favor of the children. Most times the content is scary, violent, promiscuous or too serious. I want my kids to be kids not see something that might potentially make them grow up any faster than they already are. So cartoons will be their main focus for years to come. LOL.

As a mom who is currently trying to find herself. Movies show you the glamorous side of all life happens. It’s not realistic, it’s not real life. But it does help you escape sometimes. Sometimes I imagine my life is a movie plot. Movie 3“An eighteen year old girl, innocent and bold meets a strong, handsome young man destined for great things. It was love at first sight. It was a hot torrid affair that takes the heroine on a completely unexpected adventure that she didn’t know she needed. Will they survive life and become closer or will it tear them apart?”  See I told you, straight out of a movie plot.

But seriously as much as I love movies, I do prefer books over them. However as a mother and like many before me and after, books are kinda hard to get into when there are kids running around, needing or wanting something. Even so ,I do emerge myself so deeply in a good book that the outside world ceases to exist and only the world I’m reading about is real. So it is a problem I suppose. As I’m writing this I am watching “Under the Tuscan sun.” It’s a wonderful movie, chick flick central and very feel good. It makes me feel as though everyone has problems. Mine might not be yours but to me they are life changing.  Go watch a good movie today and enjoy the 4

Seven brides for seven brothers is a good choice. 🙂


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