Kids Say what?

The amount of laughter I have been blessed with has only multiplied since having my children. Everyone has been told one time or another “Kids say the damnedest things” I’m not sure I completely understood that sentiment until my own started talking. One of the funniest things we experience daily is the conversations they have with each other. Today I was drinking my coffee and listening to them talk about school and how excited they are to go. Bubbers starts preschool in the fall and it will be the first time they will be separated since the youngest’s birth (Bubbie). As a parent I am deeply pleased that they are excited and encourage it. This morning though, they were telling each other what they were going to bring. Apparently I was unaware of the necessities for school. Bubbie was saying how he will need a BIG back pack, in order to fit his dinosaur (imaginary friend) and lunch in there. Kid is a big eater, not picky AT all.  Then Bubbers informed his brother that you can’t bring dinosaurs to school. As a kid he will only be able to bring books, pencils, crayons and paper. Dinosaurs’ can’t come till they are teenagers ( how do they know what a teenager is? I blame T.V.) My first thought was damn he’s four and understands the basics. The second thing made me laugh cause I started thinking of that song “puff the magic dragon,” except actually imagined my children pretending and roaring like they do now in high school.Kids say 2 Good grief the looks they would get. Own it honey, own it. They became quiet then, as if they were contemplating, then the youngest one blurts out to me “mommy, Can you watch my dinosaur when I got school so he won’t be scared?” his voice was filled with so much concern it made my heart squeeze a bit. Of course I yelled back ” Yes, baby I’ll keep him safe.” The smile I received from his bed was electric. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he won’t be going to school when his big brother does. Imagination is wonderful best to let him keep it as long as he can.

Another instant of the words out of babes phenomenon is the our oldest (Bubbers). The other night after dinner Daddy and I were sitting in the couch talking and half watching a t.v. show when Bubbers came in. It just so happens I was holding a bag of popcorn and Daddy just handed me jar of peanut butter. The hubby had just finished telling me about this snack he used to have as a child and I’d never heard of it but wanted to try. Anyway Bubbers looks at me and says ” what you doing?” I told him I had a surprise. His eyes became wide with curiosity. I stuck a spoon in the peanut butter jar and got a little out. Then I stuck some popcorn to the peanut butter and stuck the whole thing in my mouth. AMAZING is all I can say. As a child I missed out. LOL.Kids say 3 Bubbers looked at me and said “Didn’t see that coming.” He was absolutely shocked at what I had just done. I’m not sure he knew how to classify it in his brain. He waited a few more minutes and all the while had this look of disgust/wonder all over his face. He eventually asked if he could try it. We obliged and he loved it. There are so many more instances of wit, sarcasm and humor that I will try to write it down as it comes about so I can relay the awesomeness that spews from his or his brothers mouth.





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