Being a Mommy

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those out there that celebrate. My hubby and I have celebrated it for as long as I can remember and any excuse to eat Mexican food and drink is alright by me.

cherish itAs a mom the idea of drinking is so hush-hush but the why dumb fonds me. I was an adult before the kids why can’t I enjoy myself while being a mom?  I’m not talking about going all out and getting plastered, but getting a drink and relaxing from all the yelling, screaming, refereeing and making sure that the boys didn’t die. Yeah that’s okay. Now I don’t drink that often. Because I do take being a mom very seriously, sometimes too much and I forget to be me. But every once in a while I get a bur up my ass and think  “you know what? Today was a tough one. No one died. I deserve a drink, a glass of wine or hell let’s go crazy and get a cookie.” (LOL) the last part I made up. Haha  Anyway my point is its okay. We as mommies get so wrapped up in our babies (we should they are our worlds) that we forget that there is a ME inside that NEEDS to come out and play occasionally.  Admittedly I’m the worst at that. I get so wrapped up in being the best, most prepared and organized mother that I forget that it’s okay to fall apart, take a break and be the human I am.  I WILL make mistakes but no one got hurt or died ( it’s dramatic I know.)  The kids are safe, happy and healthy.

In no way am I condoning or encouraging a person to go out every night, get shit faced and then be worthless the next morning (we are moms , let’s handle our business.)  But a drink after work, during dinner or after the kids go to bed (this is me whole heartedly) is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

I began this weight loss, finding myself  journey many months ago and it has helped me tremendously but I more often than not have forgotten how to be a women, wife and friend. Those things are separate from being the all consuming mother but just as important to the human psyche and general well-being. Tonight was the night I decided to change that a little. we made our favorites, Mojitos, and just relaxed like the adults and best friends we are. It’s very nice and rare to be an adult without the added pressure of being the perfect mother/father.

hot messYou have to admit that being a parent is just as much about being a sane self as it is about being centered, grounded and collected. I had fun.  And as much guilt as that brings me, it also brings me a since of calm. Honestly I need to begin the understanding that not EVERYTHING has to be about the children. Most of it does, But not everything. Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Remember that being a fun-loving enjoyable person is as much a part of yourself as being a responsible helicopter parent.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone and Hope you ENJOY your night!


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