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We were Soccer coaches

sporting kc March 25 of this year we became soccer coaches for four and five year olds and We volunteered for it. Now I know what your thinking “Why would you do that to yourself?” Well my husband has always wanted to coach the boys in sports and soccer ended up being the first one that our oldest son became old enough to play so the choice was made.  We had NO experience in this sport. I played as a child but it had literally been decades since I played. The hubby plays FIFA on Xbox One,  and that’s the extent of his experience. We also watch Sporting KC on tv. (Kansas City Soccer team) So to say we were nervous was a bit of an under statement. My husband was actually the coach but I was volt-told to be assistant because I have a better grasp on wrangling little kids together.

herding-catsThe first practice was a lot like herding cats. There were attempts to wrangle in the eight adorable children plus our youngest who couldn’t play but with so much going on including our owns excitement bubbling freely it was infecting the other kids and the actual practice was a wash. But not as bad as we imagined. The first game was pretty good for kids who have never played. I sat on the bench watching and leading the kids waiting there turns.   For all those who don’ know me I am an extremely loud person and I just HAVE to cheer for MY team. It was quite entertaining when the kids all started to cheer and yell for our team and I received some looks let me tell you. Apparently I might have encouraged the kiddies to get too loud. Its sportsmanship and totally acceptable to cheer your teammates on.

peewee chaos

Over the next two months, games became more intense and practices developed an ebb and flow. It was nice. We researched drills to practice and executed them. Its really quite amazing how quick children pick up something when they find it amusing. My husband started making practice, drills and techniques into fun games with names such as race car, spaceship and war. I became more engaged and started to play against the kids and allow them to win building up their confidence in themselves.  They enjoyed playing. Laughing and giggling the whole time building our confidence.

The last game tonight was bittersweet for me. At the start I was skeptical as to whither we could do the coach thing but in the end we both enjoyed the interactions. I will miss the little darlings from our team and wish them well, maybe we will get to coach them again during fall season. My husband and I have decided that we will continue to coach our kids teams until we can’t or until the boys ask us not too, which will make me cry.

soccer ball.jpg

By the way, Bubber’s scored 3 goals through out the season and at tonight’s game every kid on our team scored a goal or assisted in scoring a goal. I’ll take that as a coaching win. we are proud of our first coaching attempt and I’ll look back at it fondly.


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