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With kids everything is more complicated!

I repeat, With kids everything is MORE complicated. Literally EVERYTHING. Especially big things like looking at houses, or finding an apartment, moving and even grocery shopping. We have done everything with the boys and have juggled pretty well most of the time but today tested that resolve. Today we decided to go look at cars. And as Good ol’ Missouri weather would have it there is a freaking typhoon outside. Its been raining since midnight of last night and there is NO end in sight.


Back to the car shopping. Firstly we have been looking for a while and doing research. But because the weather was shitty, again, we were all bored and decided to get out of the camper and go for a drive. We ended up at Jim Falk Motors and started talking to Chris Lundstrom. (Very intelligent, helpfully and entertaining.) After several minutes talking and looking and test driving we decided on one and discussed it. Meanwhile the boys, yes we brought them (don’t have a babysitter) are being okay. They thankfully brought a couple toys and were playing nicely on the floor even making there dinosaur noises and car noises. Then they got bored……Dun…Dun…..Dun.


Thats when like sharks they circled, probed the water for prey and then made there attack. Together they ran around the office, all the while there volume is increasing exponentially. Thats when daddy lost his shit. Little back story, My husband is an awesome dad, has more patience with there antics than I have but his one no no is running like hoodlums in public. We all know those kids at Walmart who are screaming, yelling, running around, and there parents do absolutely nothing, NOTHING. Its so frustrating. Well, that is my husband’s nightmare, and honestly I can’t stand it either.

daddySo he very calmly, (wink, wink)  cut them off half way around the cubicle and jerked them up so fast they didn’t know what hit them. Yes they cried, were they hurt? Not at all.  After a very hushed hard talk with them they sat back down. Then the most wonderful thing happened. The manager of the dealership, asked if the boys could draw with the dry erase markers on the dry erase board, then gave them options on colors. Options are the boys best friends…. they love them, it like fuzzes there brains and tickles them. 🙂

It was so nice and considerate. The manager said she understood, she has kids.  Then another lady printed off coloring sheets for the boys and gave them crayons. It was so refreshing. We have bought 3 cars in our lives and NEVER have they (dealers, salesman) been so nice and accommodating. We will be back and I highly recommend you look them up. They gave us a great fair deal. I didn’t feel cheated or taken advantage of.

They have a website and deliver cars all over the US. Jim Falk Motors.

Okay I’m done promoting and I just want everyone to know it really is the simple things that matter. Something that nice, they didn’t have to do it made all the difference for us.  I was glad the boys came with us, to be a part of the selection process. But having kids makes the process complicated, They get tired, hungry and bored easily. I guess where I’m getting at is There just Kids. Be patient. They matter the most.

We all feel this way!










4 thoughts on “With kids everything is more complicated!

  1. It’s the hard part of being a parent. Sometimes your kids aren’t the nicest people to be around. And it really matters how the adults around you behave when they see how much you are trying to make your little munchkins behave. Instead of acting like your kids are magically little angels that poo sunshine and butterflies fantastic to see people being kind and remembering we all have crappy days with our kids. (Speaking as a mom who’s little munchkin takes off on full sprint and listens like there’s a hole in his head at Walmart almost every time we go 🙂 ) That’s an amazing dealership.


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