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Procrastination- Mommy Style


Everyone does it. I’m just going to put that out there and there is no shame in it at all. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR!!!!! There it is. Gosh I feel so much better. Not. As a mom there is a lot of things that have come up that I wanted to push to the side and wait till later on. And anything that didn’t involve the babies did get pushed aside. Myself being the main one. When I became pregnant Nothing, absolutely nothing seemed as important as the little miracle inside. Now, more of the same sentiment except as they become more self-sufficient and I become more comfortable with them attempting day-to-day duties, I have started taking ME things into more consideration before slamming them in the “Later” compartment of my brain. As I said in an earlier post, my fitness has taken a back seat for a LONG time. Even before kids it was something I ignored wholeheartedly.

procrastinate Now, that is one thing I may want to procrastinate on but any longer than a couple of hours, I start feeling guilty. Like today for instance. I was up early because the oldest had preschool assessment. When we got out of there, we had grocery shopping ( I really freaking hate it) and then came back to the camper. It’s literally pouring buckets of water the whole time making the experience even more exhilarating (Please note the sarcasm :)) . As I write this the boys are napping and I SHOULD be working out. I mean holy crap today is easy day even. But no, I’m putting it off because…… well because I can and the excuses to not do it are more welcome than the reasons too at the moment. However, I Will do it. Probably sooner rather than later, why? because it always makes me feel accomplished and light. It’s my stress reliever. But I’m not in love……yet.

There are also days when I wake up from a good nights rest and just don’t want to get my happy butt up and do anything. Seriously, do you ever have days were doing NOTHING sounds awesome. Maybe I want to be a potato on my couch, ever think of that?  Those days are the hardest for me to workout and eat well. That shit takes a lot of work. On top of being an attentive mother? You have got to be kidding me…… BUT on the same spectrum, those days are the ones I am most proud of. Forcing myself to make a spinach egg white scramble, and the boys breakfast which ranges from cereal to pancakes. Then dragging my feet while putting on workout clothes and filling my Yeti water bottle (Those dudes are heavy when full.) When I finally get out side on my patio where I do all my workouts the procrastinating still doesn’t stop but should. I find reasons to not start, like staring at my kids playing “there so cute when they do this, or that.” or “Hey, look at that bird.”  So stupid.  And it doesn’t help when right before I convince myself to start that first jumping jack, my kids say they have to pee, or there hungry, or they disappear from there designated areas and force me (Yeah, right) to go look for them.  Honestly I probably don’t actually start doing the workout till 20 or 30 minutes after first stepping foot onto the concrete. Pitiful, I know that however, I still DO IT. Even if its little late. Once I start I’m unstoppable it’s just getting started. Everyday I get better but trust me there is tons of room for improvement.

Lastly I’m officially 20 pounds down and went from a shirt size of XXL to a slightly tight Medium. Progress is Success. I am Enough even if I procrastinate till the very last min. No Judgies here.




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