Being a Mommy

“It’s going to be a Good Day Scooter”

Any other mom’s out there have children that love dinosaurs? I saw a shirt on Facebook that I would LOVE to have, it read “Help! I’m raising a T-Rex.” and then there was a smaller shirt that said  “T-Rex.” My first thought was “Did we just become best friends?” and my second thought was “SOLD!!!”  Even though I adore his imagination and ability to reproduce some awesome sound effects I can’t help but worry because my oldest Bubbers (he’s 4) is starting preschool this fall. Will he act like that during class? Will he meet friends with the same interests? Will the other kids think he’s weird?

I understand that all these questions are from the mind of a very protective mother and in reality he will do terrific. Have a ton of friends and succeed in everything he does. I’m also rational enough to understand that he will probably grow out of it and someday I will miss his roars and impressions. But I don’t want him to ever lose his sense of wonder and excitement at being able to mimic his favorite animal.

His impressions are not limited to dinosaurs. He’s been doing car noises with Hot Wheels since before he could sit up.  Robots ever since he first saw Transformers and  any other animal noise that strike his fancy. Right now he fancies Ninja impressions. “Hiya”


There are countless things that as a mother I worry about, some are ridiculous and I know it but it does NOT stop my mind from jumping to the worse possible scenario in every situation. Can I wrap my children in bubble wrap? No seriously like pallets and pallets of bubbly safety netting. Haha see that’s the irrational side talking.  However I fight the urge and make them play outside in the rain when its warm, snow if there bundled up and make sure they are outside more than inside when its nice out. We even have picnics 2-3 days a week. Something I have never done before.

Before we made our move, I worked 30-40 hours a week and they spent more time at my mother’s house or the babysitters. Don’t get me wrong both were absolutely amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without them. But, I only got to spend nights and weekends with my boys, sitting on the couch watching tv or playing video games. Which was quality time then. Now, I have the opportunity to go on nature walks with my boys, learn how their minds work, watching their facial expressions when they discover something interesting or play in the dirt and sun without any time restraint. Preschool is going to change that.  So I hope they are Ready for my T-rex baby.

baby trex

As much as I want him to go because he is ready, I will miss him so much. Am I the only one who thinks that? He’s just a little boy and I can’t believe I won’t be with him ALL day even when some days I wish that he would spend a few hours somewhere else to burn his energy.

Like this morning,  I was awakened by two very loud little boys that woke up in one hell of a whirlwind. The RV is not big. I added it up and its only about 249 sq feet, so every move or noise we can hear in detail. They came running down the little (I mean little) hallway pushing and shoving and screaming at the top of their little lungs.

mommy sucks

Immediately I jump out of bed blind ( I wear glasses or contacts), disoriented and stub my toe and I try to meet them in the middle. We clash just outside my door and I barely catch us before we all fall. One is crying the other pissed off and I, in the middle, am the unprepared unfocused referee trying to figure out what in God’s creation caused the storm.

So apparently, Bubbers  tried to get off his bunk bed and accidentally smacked Bubby  (our youngest, he’s 3) which deeply offended him. So that caused an immediate argument that escalated into full on dinosaur roaring fit of rage. Because the screaming was actually Wilder mimicking his brothers noises in order to scare him. It was so funny I started laughing.  How can I be mad? The explanation was so animated that it became more of a blurry comedy routine than an explanation. I should probably be recording them for future references. LOL

There behavior was understandable because yesterday was SOOO boring. It rained ALL day long and in 249 square feet of living space you have to be creative in keeping two toddlers entertained. There was a lot of “discussions.” But couple things I have discovered and recommend;

Keep some toys put away until a rainy day so they become special and not over exposed.

ALWAYS have PlayDo on hand.

Never underestimate the Value of a surprise dance party.


Even with all the activities there are still going to be times where the closed quarters get to them. I used to pray for Patience. Still do on occasion but you know what? I have developed 1000 times more patience for shenanigans then I have ever had before this adventure. Maybe this is why our house has still not sold? (Anyone need a nice 3 bedroom 1 bath house with 5 acres? I’ll make you a great deal!! HAHA) But seriously there has to be a reason right?

Sometimes I feel like I’m living that movie Groundhogs day with Bill Murray( I LOVE him) but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Kids grow up too fast. 


One thought on ““It’s going to be a Good Day Scooter”

  1. Ha, Ha!!! Love this story Megan. I can see them doing all of that. Sure miss you guys. Love you doing this too. Even though we talk everyday, I still miss some of the things you do and I love hearing about them. I’m glad your getting to experience your children this way. Every Mother should have that special time with their children, if at all possible. Love you all very much.


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