The Beginning

Okay guys the following is the beginning of my story.

A year ago my family and I moved. we put our 5 acre 3 bedroom house up for sale, bought an RV and had a 1 year plan. I told my husband ” 1 year handsome, I will commit to one year living in this camper.”  We found a great RV park to stay in and set up. We were ready, or so we thought……..

Early February 2016 is the day we pulled our 31 foot 6 in Ameri-lite by Gulf Stream travel trailer into central MO. About an hour south east of Kansas City. I cried. well more like sobbed, while the hubby paid for a months spot. I sat in the car, hiding my face from the babies and blamed my wonderful husband for the place he had brought me. I instantly hated it and could not  believe we moved our asses from South Arkansas with all its beautiful trees and land scape to this treeless flat farm land.  The time of year probably didn’t help considering February anywhere in the south consists of varying degrees of brown. 😦

Anyway, composing myself and getting things set up and into a new normal we were completely and totally exhausted by dark fall. After dinner and bedtime of the kiddos. We sat down for a little bit then when one of us (Don’t remember which) turned the sink on there was NO water. Looking at the thermometer and the weather app on our phones we came to the understanding that we coincidentally picked the coldest day of the entire winter to move. South Arkansas that morning had been in the 60’s. Missouri that night was 20 degrees and the added wind made it feel like 13. Yep, our pipe had froze. Again my wonderful understanding husband looked at me and said “I’ll check it out.” He was only outside two minutes when he came back and informed me he had to run to the store to buy a heat gun in order to unfreeze the ice enough to allow a drip.

That poor man was outside in the freezing unfamiliar weather late at night under the camper to unfreeze the water pipe that impeded his families water supply. (I will repeatedly tell you how much I love my husband, Sorry not sorry.) He started at 9pm and came in around midnight. We laid in bed that night praying and questioning whether our decision to move was sound. It was a long night. The next morning we as a family drove into town and discovered at Walmart, Ace hardware and any RV sales/repair place sell this nifty little gadget. Heat tape. It plugs in, and wraps around pipes to keep the inside at a constant 40 degrees, effectively keeping them from freezing.

Obviously we bought a couple extras. I laughed because I understood then that we knew absolutely nothing about living in an RV  and we were not at all ready for what lied ahead.



2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Megan, good luck and great writing. You have always been a great writer. I still have rhe the book you wrote carone. I love you and will read every day. Have wanted to do this myself.


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