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Since we moved (over a year ago) I dreamed of this goal to lose weight, eat clean and be a better me. We were in a place that I no longer had to work and I imagined I’d have all this time.  Would you know that it has literally taken me the entirety of that year to actually get on track?

I started, stopped, started, stopped. The amount of excuses I can come up with is embarrassing. When I worked full-time, it would be “I never have the time.”
After the first baby “I can’t workout with a baby.” After the second baby “We can’t afford it.” And now I had time, money but the excuse was “I don’t have the space or a vehicle.” (We have one vehicle and my husband has to use it.) See I kept wanting the perfect situation the perfect environment. I wanted it easy. (Still do, but I’m realistic now. Sort of 🙂 )


We became friends with the wonderful owners of the RV park we resided in. The woman was fit and asked if I wanted to start working out down in the club house in the mornings. (This was April or May of last year 2016) Happily I agreed. Thinking that maybe, I had finally found an opportunity. For the 3 months that followed I worked out with her doing Insanity and P90X. It was hard but that was where I failed. I thought it was too hard so I only committed to 3 sometimes 4 days a week. I half assed it. All the way around. I was working out but not pushing myself or eating well. I would take a rest day every time I was a little sore and Always took the weekends off. At the time my mind set was “oh, I worked out I can eat whatever I want.”  Wrong, I was so very Wrong.  During that whole time 6 pounds was lost, maybe, and when we stopped I gained it back QUICK.

I felt like a failure and started reading motivational stories, watching YouTube videos and researching weight loss options. I cried A LOT and stopped being in pictures with anyone from the neck down.

Now I am not a fad diet kind of person, I want lasting results and to me those things never help in the long-term. Pinterest, that awesome place I know we all go to on our phones, offered me the first solution. There is literally EVERYTHING on there. I started searching healthy meals. Scrolled hours upon hours upon days. Made lists of recipes that sounded good. I have always loved cooking and thought “Why can’t I do this in here.” (A RV  kitchen is basic. I have a sink, an oven and stove. It has everything you need just not a lot of room.)

For a couple of months I cooked healthy meals, took preservatives out of our meals and cooked fresh. However it was mostly meat, not enough vegetables and our portions were huge. We still drank soda, ate desserts and went out to eat. We were sabotaging ourselves by doing what was simple. We didn’t watch portions or count calories. We/I had continued to do what I knew, load a plate full. All out of habit.

The change came at Christmas, my loving mother gave me two shirts that she thought were pretty and I would like to wear with leggings and boots, you know cause its cold and that is what a girl wears in the winter. And they were pretty but they were a size XXXL. It broke me.  Now I’m aware my mom did nothing wrong and she was NOT being mean. It broke me because before I tried them on I knew they would be way too big but they were not. The effect was one of being sucked back to reality. For so long, I had created an environment where I avoided mirrors, pictures or new clothes. I made my old ones fit. MADE THEM FIT. Which obviously means they didn’t. The stomach was stretched, the pants cut into my sides and the ass sagged with lack of junk in the trunk.


I had reached rock bottom. I finally admitted to myself that I was unhappy with me. There was no one else to blame. The only person that could help was me. Now in the many videos from YouTube I binged,  I kept coming across this workout app that helped  people like me.

Eight Week Progress

Now I am in no way selling anything and don’t expect you to look it up or know what it is. But the app was Freeletics. It is a european based workout app that consists of Bodyweight, Running, Gym and/or Nutrition. Doing further research their motto kept sticking out to me. #NOEXCUSES. So in January I downloaded the app and used the free version for about three weeks. Then after we got our taxes back I bought the coach. Because I don’t have a car, my change had to occur with my current space and situation so I chose Bodyweight. It has changed my life.

We also changed our eating habits again. I still cook clean but we incorporate a lot of veggies. I downloaded the Lose It app(free version as a calorie tracker), use a Fitbit Alta to track my steps daily (8000-10,000), stick to a caloric intake,  keep a close eye on my macro (protein, fat, carbs) consumption and Joined the group No Excuse Moms on Facebook (support group/inspiration). We have 1 cheat day a week (Gotta stay sane people)  and read the label on everything.

I am currently on Week 11 and work out 5 days a week. I am 17 pounds down. At 8 weeks, I was 14 pounds down and had lost a total of 11 inches. My clothes fit loose now. LOOSE.  Today I did 60 Burpees, 60 Lunges and 70 Leg Raises in 24 minutes. Everyday is different. Everyday is a struggle. My Goal is to lose 60 pounds. I want to chase my children without being out of breath. Be able to go to the store and find my size without trying it on first. And to take pictures without first thinking “How can I hide my fat?”

When I started on Feb. 13, 2017. I weighed in at 220. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall so imagine a ball cause that’s what I looked like. Haha. I was miserable.

The first work out killed me. The second one even worse. But after the first few weeks, I saw the scale move, my endurance increase and when I wanted to quit,

 a little 4-year-old boy at the end of the road was waiting and cheering me on saying “Go mommy, Go, your about to win.” when I sped up and crossed that imaginary finish line he jumped up and down and screamed for me. My boys are the reason I will continue. Pain is temporary but to be here everyday and see my four-year old and three-year old  cheer me on and be proud of me. I felt on top of the world. I feel on top of the world. Now MY motto is NOEXCUSES  and just like the postal service (Rain, Sleet, Snow or Sun) I will do my workout. LOL

Soon I will do a post of some of our favorite healthy recipes we eat.

beautiful start


2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. My beautiful, strong, intelligent daughter! I love you, unconditionally and would never hurt you on purpose!! I’m proud of your strength, your talent and your motherly skills. You are truly amazing and I know you will be who you want to be. I’ve always had faith in you, since the day you were born!! So, keep up the healthy attitude!! Your a winner!!! Mom


    1. In the past 18 months I have lost 60 lbs. In March 2016 I changed how and some of what I eat. We have more veggies than ever before, so if you need any ideals.let me know. Keep up the hard work, it is so worth it.

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