First Post/ Introduction

   Starting a Blog scared me. Lets be honest, I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear me, a 29 year old, overweight, overthinking, very blunt mother of two. But my husband persisted and the more I ran the idea over in my head the better it sounded.

So here I Am. My name is Megan. I have two amazing little boys, ages 4 & 3. They are every bit boys and irritate me as much as they make me smile. I am a stay at home mom, aspiring writer and working on myself. I am happily married and been with the same man for 10 years. He is my best friend, biggest supporter and the reason I am finally doing this blog.

Hopefully through my mistakes, successes and many stories you find the humor and beauty in life. I can promise somedays will be dorky, some boring and hopefully some will give others like me a laugh, cry or inspiration. Please feel free to email me questions, similar stories or just encouragements. I would love it.


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